The Cabin in The Woods (2011)

Director: Drew Goddard
Starring: Chris Hemsworth, Fran Kranz, Kristen Connolly, Anna Hutchison

When five college friends (Kristen Connolly, Chris Hemsworth, Anna Hutchison, Fran Kranz, Jesse Williams) arrive at a remote forest cabin for a little... Read more

Transit (2018)

Director: Christian Petzold
Starring: Franz Rogowski, Paula Beer

In an attempt to flee Nazi-occupied France, Georg assumes the identity of a dead author but soon finds himself stuck in Marseilles, where he falls in... Read more

The Dark Tower (2017)

Director: Nikolaj Arcel
Starring: Dennis Haysbert, Matthew McConaughey, Jackie Earle Haley, Idris Elba, Fran Kranz

Roland Deschain (Idris Elba), the last Gunslinger, is locked in an eternal battle with Walter O'Dim (Matthew McConaughey), also known as the Man in Bl... Read more

The Slime People / The Atomic Submarine (1963)

Director: Spencer Gordon Bennet, Robert Hutton
Starring: Robert Hutton, Arthur Franz, Les Tremayne, Dick Foran, Brett Halsey, Robert Burt...

'The Slime People' (1963) - Disturbed by nuclear tests, huge scaly prehistoric monsters - The Slime People - invade Earth! 'The Atomic Submarine' (195... Read more

Pandora's Box (1929)

Director: G W Pabst
Starring: Franz Lederer, Fritz Kortner, Louise Brooks

A silent German masterpiece based on Wedekind's play, with an unforgettable Louise Brooks in her unforgettable haircut as Lulu, the innocent vamp whos... Read more

Hellcats of the Navy (1957)

Director: Nathan Juran
Starring: Ronald Reagan, Nancy Davis, Arthur Franz

Naval officers Charles Lockwood and Hans Christian Adamson wrote this WW II thriller chronicling the true story of one of the most daring submarine op... Read more

American Buffalo (1995)

Director: Michael Corrente
Starring: Dustin Hoffman, Dennis Franz, Sean Nelson

David Mamet's profane, provocative three-character play. Dustin Hoffman plays a self-ennobled world expert who horns in on the plans of his friend, a... Read more

Flight to Mars (1951)

Director: Lesley Selander
Starring: Arthur Franz, Marguerite Chapman, Cameron Mitchell

The first science-fiction film shot in colour that follows an Earth expedition to the red planet who discover a subterranean city populated by the dyi... Read more

Abbott & Costello Meet the Invisible Man / Go to Mars (1951)

Director: Charles Lamont
Starring: Arthur Franz, Bud Abbott, Lou Costello

Meet the Invisible Man: Brand new detectives Bud Alexander (Bud Abbott) and Lou Francis (Lou Costello) agree to help prize fighter Tommy Nelson (Arthu... Read more

A Perfect Couple (1979)

Director: Robert Altman
Starring: Paul Dooley, Marta Heflin, Dennis Franz, Henry Gibson

When young rocker Sheila Shea (Marta Heflin), meets an older man, Alex Theodopoulos (Paul Dooley), through a computer dating service, their unusual co... Read more