The Bride (1985)

Director: Franc Roddam
Starring: Sting , Jennifer Beals, Geraldine Page, Clancy Brown, Anthony Higgins, Timothy S...

An attempt to bring Merchant-Ivory sensibilities to the horror genre, though not entirely successful, is notable for its eclectic '80s cast - Sting, J... Read more

Quadrophenia (1979)

Director: Franc Roddam
Starring: Phil Daniels, Mark Wingett, Philip Davis, Sting , Leslie Ash, Toyah Wilcox, Mich...

Phil Daniels is a pill-popping, scooter-riding Mod coming to terms with growing up, who heads off with his mates for a headline-grabbing clash in Brig... Read more

Moby Dick (1998)

Director: Franc Roddam
Starring: Patrick Stewart, Ted Levine, Gregory Peck

Classic tale of Captain Ahab and his hunt for the whale Moby Dick. Patrick Stewart takes the helm as mad captain Ahab in this USA Network-produced min... Read more

Aria (1987)

Director: Bruce Beresford, Charles Sturridge, Derek Jarman, Franc Roddam, Jean-Luc Godard, Julien Temple, Ken Russell, Nicolas Roeg, Robert Altman, Bill Bryden
Starring: John Hurt, Theresa Russell, Buck Henry, Beverly D'Angelo, Anita Morris, Bridget...

Ten different directors select a different aria and have free rein to do anything that they want. The world of opera meets the medium of film with a w... Read more