Partners in Crime: The Complete Series (1983)

Starring: Francesca Annis, James Warwick

Two young adventurers for hire. Willing to do anything, go anywhere. Pay must be good. No reasonable offer refused. Thus begins the adventures of Tomm... Read more

Macbeth (Polanski) (1971)

Director: Roman Polanski
Starring: Jon Finch, Francesca Annis, Martin Shaw

Aka "The Tragedy of Macbeth". Roman Polanski's violent retelling of Shakespeare's story of the Scottish war hero, prompted by supernatural prophecy an... Read more

Shifty (2008)

Director: Eran Greevy
Starring: Francesca Annis, Jason Flemyng, Riz Ahmed, Daniel Mays

Riz Ahmed ('The Road to Guantanamo') takes on the title role of Shifty, which charts an action-packed 24 hours in the life of the young crack cocaine... Read more

The Gravy Train Goes East (1991)

Director: James Cellan Jones
Starring: Ian Richardson, Christoph Waltz, Francesca Annis, Judy Parfitt

Following on from 'The Gravy Train', the bumbling Hans Dorfmann (Christoph Waltz) returns, this time to help newly-liberated Balkan state 'Slaka' join... Read more

Krull (1983)

Director: Peter Yates
Starring: Ken Marshall, Lysette Anthony, Freddie Jones, Francesca Annis

A young warrior is entreated by a wizened old man to take hold of his ancient weapon and use it to save the virginal princess held by evil forces on t... Read more

Agatha Christie Mysteries: Why Didn't They Ask Evans? (1980)

Director: Tony Wharmby
Starring: Eric Porter, Francesca Annis, John Gielgud, James Warwick

Meet another pair of the best selling writer's witty crime solvers: Bobby Jones and Lady Frankie Derwent, out to investigate a murder on a Welsh golf... Read more

The Debt Collector (1999)

Director: Anthony Neilson
Starring: Ken Stott, Iain Robertson, Francesca Annis, Billy Connolly

A contemporary thriller which explores the duel between two men. Nickie Dryden (Billy Connolly) is a convicted murderer and former loan shark who has... Read more

Dune (Special Edition) (1984)

Director: David Lynch
Starring: Kyle MacLachlan, Francesca Annis, Brad Dourif, Sting , Max von Sydow

A monumental film by the director of 'Eraserhead' featuring Kyle MacLachlan, Sting and Max Von Sydow. The saga of an intergalactic warrior and his ris... Read more

Lillie (1978)

Director: John Gorrie, Christopher Hodson, Tony Wharmby
Starring: Anton Rogers, Francesca Annis, Jennie Linden, Dennis Lill, Peter Egan

The British miniseries about a churchman's daughter who becomes infamous for her scandals. The story of Lillie Langtry (Francesca Annis), a woman whos... Read more

Dune (3 Hour Version) (1984)

Director: Alan Smithee
Starring: Kyle MacLachlan, Francesca Annis, Brad Dourif, Sting , Max von Sydow

David Lynch (director of the original) objected to this special version which was completed without his input and insisted that his name be removed fr... Read more

Under the Cherry Moon (1986)

Director: Prince
Starring: Jerome Benton, Prince, Kristin Scott Thomas, Steven Berkoff, Alexandra Stewart,...

Prince stars as Christopher Tracy, an American musician on the French Riviera, living off the bank accounts of rich, bored divorcees. The next object... Read more

Onegin (1999)

Director: Martha Fiennes
Starring: Ralph Fiennes, Liv Tyler, Martin Donovan, Francesca Annis, Lena Headey, Toby Ste...

In this lush adaptation of the novel by Pushkin, Ralph Fiennes plays caddish St. Petersburg aristocrat Eugene Onegin, whose callous dismissal of neigh... Read more

Jane Eyre (BBC) (2006)

Director: Susanna White
Starring: Ruth Wilson, Toby Stephens, Francesca Annis, Christina Cole, Pam Ferris, Tara Fi...

Newcomer Ruth Wilson and Toby Stephens head up an all-star cast in this brand new adaptation of Charlotte Bronte's much-adored classic that mines the... Read more

King of Thieves (2018)

Director: James Marsh
Starring: Michael Caine, Jim Broadbent, Tom Courtenay, Charlie Cox, Paul Whitehouse, Micha...

A crew of retired crooks pulls off a major heist in London's jewellery district, but what begins as a nostalgic last hurrah for the group quickly beco... Read more

Cranford (2007)

Director: Simon Curtis
Starring: Eileen Atkins, Francesca Annis, Imelda Staunton, Judi Dench, Julia Sawalha, Mich...

Lavish, star-studded BBC costume drama based on three novels by Elizabeth Gaskell, following the absurdities and tragedies of life in the small northe... Read more

Return to Cranford (2009)

Director: Simon Curtis
Starring: Celia Imrie, Francesca Annis, Imelda Staunton, Jonathan Pryce, Judi Dench, Lesle...

Welcome to Cranford, where all changes and all remains the same. Miss Matty's house is full of life and bustle. Her dream of having a child in the hou... Read more

Krull (Blu-Ray) (1983)

Director: Peter Yates
Starring: Ken Marshall, Lysette Anthony, Freddie Jones, Francesca Annis, Trevor Martin, Be...

On the planet of Krull, an evil creature called the Beast decimates the world's army and kidnaps the lovely Princess Lyssa (Lysette Anthony), who is d... Read more

Edward the Seventh: Part Two, Episodes 7-13 (1975)

Director: John Gorrie
Starring: Annette Crosbie, Timothy West, Helen Ryan, Felicity Kendal, Derek Fowlds, France...

Directed by John Gorrie (The Oscar Wilde Collection) this BAFTA winning drama focuses around the life of Albert Edward, Prince of Wales and the dramas... Read more

Wives and Daughters (2000)

Director: Nicholas Renton
Starring: Francesca Annis, Ian Carmichael, Deborah Findlay, Michael Gambon, Justine Waddel...

What it means to be in love for the first time - and how it really feels to be alive... This beautifully mounted BBC production, from the novel by El... Read more

Edward the Seventh: The Complete Series (1975)

Director: John Gorrie
Starring: Annette Crosbie, Charles Dance, Derek Fowlds, Francesca Annis, Jane Lapotaire, J...

Directed by John Gorrie ('The Oscar Wilde Collection'), this BAFTA-winning drama focuses around the life of Edward VII and the dramas, romances, trage... Read more

Dune ( Blu-ray ) (1984)

Director: David Lynch
Starring: Alicia Witt, Brad Dourif, Dean Stockwell, Everett McGill, Francesca Annis, Fredd...

Dazzling special effects, unforgettable images and powerful performances highlight David Lynch's stunning film version of Frank Herbert's classic scie... Read more

The New Twilight Zone: Season 1 (1985)

Director: Martha Coolidge, Peter Medak, Rick Friedberg, Robert Downey, Tommy Lee Wallace, Wes Craven, William Friedkin, etc
Starring: Bruce Willis, Terry O'Quinn, Annie Potts, Arliss Howard, Dee Wallace, James Crom...

Making its television debut in 1989, the New Twilight Zone followed the same format as its ground-breaking predecessor (minus Rod Serling), with stori... Read more