Ali G, Aiii (2000)

Director: James Bobin, Steve Smith
Starring: Ali G, Sacha Baron Cohen, Gail Porter, Mohamad Al Fayed, Jarvis Cocker

'Ali G, Aiii' has da phattest flavas from 'Da Ali G Show' plus 30 minutz of previously unseen stuff dat dey tried to ban. New footage includes Ali G i... Read more

I'm With Lucy (2002)

Director: Jon Sherman
Starring: Monica Potter, Gael Garcia Bernal, David Boreanaz, John Hannah, Anthony LaPaglia...

Dumped by the man she thought was perfect for her, newly-single Lucy (Monica Potter) continues her search for Mr. Right. Set up on a series of blind d... Read more

Love and a .45 (1994)

Director: C M Talkington
Starring: Gil Bellows, Renee Zellweger, Rory Cochrane, Peter Fonda, Jeffrey Combs

A lovers-on-the-lam melodrama, about a white-trash couple who become criminals and outlaws. Features the same over-the-top comic-book violence that ma... Read more

Stone (1974)

Director: Sandy Harbutt
Starring: Vincent Gil, Sandy Harbutt, Helen Morse, Ken Shorter, Rebecca Gilling, Hugh Keay...

Ride with Stone, the undercover cop who joins the Gravediggers' motorbike gang to find out who's killing them off, in this Australian cult classic wit... Read more

Ally McBeal: Season 1 - Part 1 (1997)

Starring: Calista Flockhart, Courtney Thorne Smith, Craig Bierko, Gil Bellows, Jane Krakow...

Calista Flockhart stars in the award-winning series as the slightly neurotic Ally McBeal, a single lawyer both blessed and cursed with eccentric colle... Read more

Buck Rogers in the 25th Century: Season 1 (1979)

Director: Daniel Haller, Dick Lowry, Michael Caffey
Starring: Gil Gerard, Erin Gray, Tim O'Connor, Mel Blanc, Pamela Hensley, Wilfrid Hyde-Whi...

Buck Rogers (Gil Gerard) is a 20th century astronaut who becomes frozen in space only to be rescued and thawed out 500 years later. Now Buck is enlist... Read more