Tracker (2010)

Director: Ian Sharp
Starring: Ray Winstone, Temuera Morrison, Gareth Reeves

In the rugged wilderness of 1903 New Zealand, a Boer War mercenary (Ray Winstone) is hired to track down a native Maori sailor (Temuera Morrison) who... Read more

I'm Not Harry Jenson (2009)

Director: James Napier Robertson
Starring: Ian Mune, Marshall Napier, Gareth Reeves, Ilona Rodgers

A stylish Kiwi noir about the perils of writer's block in the lonely New Zealand landscape. Gareth Reeves plays the world-famous crime author who retu... Read more

A Song of Good (2008)

Director: Gregory King
Starring: Gareth Reeves, Matthew Sunderland, Ian Mune, Danielle Cormack, Johnathon Hendry

20-something slacker Gary Cradle (Gareth Reeves) has made a pig's ear of his life so far and after a series of botched attempts to get money for drugs... Read more

The Insider's Guide to Love (2006)

Starring: Will Hall, Gareth Reeves, Kate Elliott, Louis Sutherland, Ryan O'Kane, Serena Co...

In the style of its much-lauded predecessor, 'The Insider's Guide to Happiness', this seven-part New Zealand series follows the impact of a bizarre in... Read more

The Cult: Season 1 (2009)

Starring: Danielle Cormack, Lisa Chappell, Scott Wills, Kate Elliott, Latham Gaines, Garet...

A group of 20-somethings are trapped within a bizarre cult. As the "mysterious" Enhancement Day approaches - some members desperately want to get out.... Read more

Who Do You Think You Are?: Series 1 (2004)

Starring: David Baddiel, Jeremy Clarkson, Lesley Garrett, Ian Hislop, Sue Johnston, Bill O...

This documentary TV series follows the journeys of 10 British celebrities as they explore their family trees, uncover their family history and discove... Read more