Waydowntown (2000)

Director: Gary Burns
Starring: Fabrizio Filippo, Marya Delver, Gordon Currie, Tobias Godson, Don McKellar

Calgary co-workers, Tom (Fabrizio Filippo), Sandra (Marya Delver), Randy (Tobias Godson) and Curt (Gordon Currie) bet a month's salary to see who can... Read more

Cool Money (2005)

Director: Gary Burns
Starring: John Cassisi, Margot Kidder, Larry Manetti, James Marsters, Wayne Robson, Jason...

Based loosely on an actual case and culminating in the largest purloining of jewels in American history, this smartly crafted caper flick features a c... Read more

Radiant City (2006)

Director: Jim Brown, Gary Burns

Shot in Alberta, Canada, this mock documentary takes a satiric look at 21st-century suburban sprawl...and dislikes what it finds! Taking a harsh but h... Read more