Stir (1980)

Director: Stephen Wallace
Starring: Bryan Brown, Max Phipps, Denis Miller, Gary Waddell, Phil Motherwell

Nominated for 11 AFI awards, 'Stir' is the controversial, unflinching true story of the bloodiest riot in Australian prison history. Bryan Brown ('Dir... Read more

Oz - A Rock 'n' Roll Road Movie (1976)

Director: Chris Lofven
Starring: Bruce Spence, Graham Matters, Joy Dunstan, Gary Waddell

It's 1976. Dorothy is a groupie... The Scarecrow is a surfie... The Tin Man is a mechanic... The Cowardly Lion is a bikie... The Wicked Witch drives a... Read more

Grievous Bodily Harm (1988)

Director: Mark Joffe
Starring: Bruno Lawrence, Colin Friels, Gary Stalker, John Waters, Gary Waddell, Kim Gynge...

Tom Stewart (Colin Friels) finds himself trapped in a dangerous world of obsession, illusion and multiple murder when he meets the violently unhinged... Read more

The FJ Holden (1977)

Director: Michael Thornhill
Starring: Paul Couzens, Eva Dickinson, Carl Stever, Gary Waddell, Tex Morton

Evocative of both the period and location, this uncompromising Australian classic chronicles the misadventures of Kevin and Bob, a couple of teenage r... Read more

The King is Dead! (2012)

Director: Rolf de Heer
Starring: Anthony Hayes, Dan Wyllie, Gary Waddell, Bojana Novakovic, Luke Ford, Lani John...

Max and Therese have just brought a new house in a leafy suburb. Their suburban dreams are quickly shattered when they find they have the neighbours f... Read more

Desert Fury (1947)

Director: Lewis Allen
Starring: Lizabeth Scott, John Hodiak, Burt Lancaster, Mary Astor, Wendell Corey

In the sweltering heat of the Nevada desert lies the small gambling oasis Purple Sage, run by the tough talking Fritzi Haller who stubbornly controls... Read more

Great Aussie Icons - Bryan Brown in... Stir / Money Movers (1979)

Director: Bruce Beresford, Stephen Wallace
Starring: Bryan Brown, Dennis Miller, Phil Motherwell, Terence Donovan, Tony Bonner, Alan...

Among the best-loved Australian actors of his generation, the legendary Bryan Brown has lent his acerbic, tough-guy persona to a host of classic local... Read more