Boy Culture (2006)

Director: Q Allan Brocka
Starring: Patrick Bauchau, Derek Magyar, Darryl Stephens, George Jonson

Engaging gay-themed drama finds successful street hustler X (Derek Magyar) avoiding any relationships which are not profit oriented, while at the same... Read more

On the Ropes (1999)

Director: Brett Morgen, Nanette Burstein
Starring: Harry Keitt, Tyrene Manson, George Walton, Noel Santiago

Special Jury Award Winner at the 1999 Sundance Film Festival, "On The Ropes" is the compelling true story that follows the lives of three aspiring box... Read more

The Big Clock (1948)

Director: John Farrow
Starring: Ray Milland, Charles Laughton, Rita Johnson, George Macready, Elsa Lanchester

This striking film noir classic stars Ray Milland as a crime magazine editor who has a liaison with a beautiful woman who turns out to be the mistress... Read more

Truce (2005)

Director: Matthew Marconi
Starring: Brad Johnson, George Kennedy, Michaela Lange, Buck Taylor, Samantha Droke

A modern-day western set in Northern California that revolves around Harry Dodds (Buck Taylor) who is struggling to make ends meet whilst raising his... Read more

Kojak: Season 1 (1973)

Director: Various
Starring: Telly Savalas, Dan Frazer, Kevin Dobson, George Savalas

He's got style, street smarts and a penchant for lollipops (something Savalas himself introduced as he was trying to quit smoking) - Lieutenant Theo... Read more

Rough Diamond: The Complete Series (2005)

Director: Simon Langton, Paul Harrison
Starring: David Jason, George Cole, Roy Marsden, Gary Whelan

AKA 'Diamond Geezers'. Award-winning actor David Jason stars as cheeky diamond thief Des Parker in this hugely successful comedy drama. He's a master... Read more

Hot Lead (1971)

Director: Paul Stanley, Jerry Hopper
Starring: Charles Bronson, Lee J Cobb, George Kennedy, Brian Keith

Aka 'The Bull of the West', 'Vengeance is the Spur'. This made-for-tv western (actually two episodes of tv's 'The Virginian' strung together) stars Ch... Read more

The Beast (1988)

Director: Kevin Reynolds
Starring: George Dzundza, Jason Patric, Steven Bauer, Stephen Baldwin

This great war yarn is set in Afghanistan, 1981, where the Soviet Union is locked in a futile and bloody battle with the Mujahedeen guerrillas. Sepera... Read more

Night Skies (2006)

Director: Roy Knyrim
Starring: Jason Connery, A J Cook, George Stults, Ashley Peldon

On March 13th, 1997 one of the largest UFO sightings ever recorded took place across the southwestern United States. Based on the recollections of an... Read more

The Groundstar Conspiracy (1972)

Director: Lamont Johnson
Starring: George Peppard, Michael Sarrazin, Christine Belford, Cliff Potts, James Olson

A violent blast destroys the U.S. government's top secret Groundstar Research Complex, and six high ranking scientists are incinerated. The saboteur,... Read more