Hercules and the Princess of Troy / Atlas in the Land of Cyclops / Giants of Rome (1965)

Director: Albert Band
Starring: Gordon Scott, Gordon Mitchell, Richard Harrison

Made in English as the pilot for a proposed Hercules TV series, "Hercules and the Princess of Troy" stars Gordon Scott as the heroic demigod, pitted a... Read more

Beyond The Law (1968)

Starring: Lee Van Cleef, Gordon Mitchell

A trio of thieves plot to steal a town's silver shipment but a turn of events makes them the town's heroes. Read more

Carousel (1956)

Director: Henry King
Starring: Gordon MacRae, Shirley Jones, Cameron Mitchell

An excellent filmization of Rodgers and Hammerstein's memorable adaptation of Ferenc Molnar's 'Liliom', songs include 'Soliloquy' and 'You'll Never Wa... Read more

The Last Days of Pompeii / The Giant of Metropolis (1959)

Director: Mario Bonnard, Umberto Scarpelli
Starring: Christine Kaufmann, Steve Reeves, Bella Cortez, Gordon Mitchell

'The Last Days Of Pompeii' (1959) - Traitors are assiduous within the Royal House of Pompeii, trying to frame innocent Christians for all the recent r... Read more

Reflections in a Golden Eye (1967)

Director: John Huston
Starring: Elizabeth Taylor, Marlon Brando, Brian Keith, Julie Harris, Gordon Mitchell, Rob...

Based on the novel by Carson McCullers, Marlon Brando stars as the hard-driving military officer whose latent homosexuality has led his passionate wif... Read more

Nobody's Baby (2001)

Director: David Seltzer
Starring: Gary Oldman, Skeet Ulrich, Radha Mitchell, Gordon Tootoosis, Anna Gunn, Peter Gr...

When two escaped cons find an orphaned baby, their lives go from the state pen to the play pen. Billy (Skeet Ulrich) and Buford (Gary Oldman) are on t... Read more

Mysterious Skin (2004)

Director: Gregg Araki
Starring: Bill Sage, Elisabeth Shue, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Michelle Trachtenberg, Brady Co...

Based on Scott Heim's novel, Gregg Araki's powerful drama sees two young men uncover a shared secret from their past. Brian (Brady Corbet) was just e... Read more

For Good (2003)

Director: Stuart McKenzie
Starring: Michelle Langstone, Timothy Balme, Miranda Harcourt, Tim Gordon, Adam Gardiner,...

Would-be journalist Lisa Pearce is haunted by the abduction and murder of her childhood companion. When Lisa confronts the killer, she sparks a devast... Read more

House Of Cards (1968)

Director: John Guillermin
Starring: George Peppard, Inger Stevens, Orson Welles, Keith Michell

In 1960s Paris, an American boxer stumbles upon an international fascist conspiracy that aims to create a new world order. Read more

The Friends of Eddie Coyle (Blu-Ray) (1973)

Director: Peter Yates
Starring: Alex Rocco, Joe Santos, Mitchell Ryan, Peter Boyle, Richard Jordan, Robert Mitch...

Aging Boston gunrunner Eddie Coyle (Robert Mitchum) is looking at several years of jail time for a hold-up if he doesn't funnel information to Dave Fo... Read more

Allo Allo!: Series 1 and 2 (1982)

Director: David Croft
Starring: Gorden Kaye, Carmen Silvera, Vicki Michelle, Richard Marner, Guy Siner, Kim Hart...

Rene (Gorden Kaye) is the long-suffering proprietor of a small cafe in occupied France. Juggling amorous waitresses, a jealous wife, the gestapo and... Read more

Synecdoche, New York (2008)

Director: Charlie Kaufman
Starring: Philip Seymour Hoffman, Samantha Morton, Michelle Williams, Catherine Keener, Em...

Celebrated screenwriter Charlie Kaufman ('Being John Malkovich', 'Adaptation') tries his hand at directing with this tale of frustrated theatre direct... Read more

Driving Lessons (2006)

Director: Jeremy Brock
Starring: Julie Walters, Rupert Grint, Laura Linney, Nicholas Farrell, Jim Norton, Michell...

Rupert Grint took a break from Hogwart's School of Magic to make this sweet coming-of-age comedy alongside his Harry Potter mum, Julie Walters. Ben i... Read more

Pocketful of Miracles (1961)

Director: Frank Capra
Starring: Glenn Ford, Bette Davis, Hope Lange, Arthur O'Connell, Peter Falk, Thomas Mitche...

Frank Capra's final film is a whimsical translation of a Damon Runyon tale set in 1930s New York, as gangster Glenn Ford repays street peddler Bette D... Read more

Allo Allo!: Series 3 and 4 (1985)

Director: David Croft, Robin Carr
Starring: Gorden Kaye, Richard Marner, Vicki Michelle, Carmen Silvera, Guy Siner, Rose Hil...

In the tradition of Series 1 & 2, here's more jokes about humourless Germans, cowardly Italians, 'Tally ho!' Brits and onion-selling Frenchmen. Like C... Read more

10 Things I Hate About You (1999)

Director: Gil Junger
Starring: Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Heath Ledger, Julia Stiles, David Krumholtz, Andrew Keegan...

This teen comedy, loosely patterned after 'The Taming of the Shrew', concerns the would-be suitors of a girl forbidden to start dating before her sull... Read more

Halloween H20: 20 Years Later (1998)

Director: Steve Miner
Starring: Adam Arkin, Jamie Lee Curtis, Janet Leigh, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Josh Hartnett,...

Laurie Strode (Jamie Lee Curtis), now the Dean of a Northern California private school and living with an assumed name, must battle the Shape one last... Read more

Twinkle Twinkle, Lucky Stars (1986)

Director: Sammo Hung
Starring: Jackie Chan, Sammo Hung, Andy Lau, Yuen Biao, Eric Tsang, Rosamund Kwan, Richard...

Hong Kong cops Jackie Chan and Yuen Biao and childhood friend/thief Sammo Hung must save a druglord from assassination by Thai gangsters in this OTT a... Read more