Alvin Purple / Alvin Rides Again (1973)

Director: Tim Burstall, David Bilcock, Jr, Robin Copping
Starring: Graeme Blundell

The original Australian naughty boy returns with two 1970s box-office smash hits that helped slap a dormant film industry back into action by proving... Read more

Pacific Banana (1981)

Director: John D Lamond
Starring: Graeme Blundell, Robin Stewart, Luan Peters, Deborah Gray, Alyson Best

Martin (Graeme Blundell) has got a little problem that keeps getting bigger all the time...and the girls will go to any lengths to help him stand up f... Read more

The Naked Bunyip (1970)

Director: John B Murray
Starring: Graeme Blundell, Dame Edna Everage, Barry Humphries, Russell Morris, Malcolm Mug...

Graeme Blundell stars as an innocent young market researcher assigned to report on sex: He'd rather have agriculture. He looks into women's unmentiona... Read more

Midnite Spares (1983)

Director: Quentin Masters
Starring: Max Cullen, Bruce Spence, David Argue, Tony Barry, Terry Camilleri, Gia Carides,...

This hilarious action-filled adventure stars James Laurie as Steve, a young man who returns home after a long absence only to find that his father has... Read more