Jour De Fete ( Blu-ray ) (1949)

Director: Jacques Tati
Starring: Guy Decomble, Paul Frankeur

In his enchanting debut feature, Jacques Tati stars as a fussbudget of a postman who is thrown for a loop when a traveling fair comes to his village.... Read more

Jour De Fete (1949)

Director: Jacques Tati
Starring: Jacques Tati, Guy Decomble, Paul Frankeur

Jacques Tati's first feature film, which introduced some of the finest mime and slapstick humour since the days of Chaplin and Keaton. Tati is the vil... Read more

Les Cousins (1959)

Director: Claude Chabrol
Starring: Gerard Blain, Jean-Claude Brialy, Juliette Mayniel, Guy Decomble, Michele Meritz

Charles (Gerard Blain) is a naive provincial with bourgeois aspirations. He moves to Paris and stays with his urbane and decadent cousin (Jean-Claude... Read more