Hank Williams: Honky Tonk Blues (2004)

Starring: Hank Williams, Jr., Hank Williams, George Jones, Roy Acuff, Anita Carter

A fascinating examination of the life and music of legendary performer Hank Williams. Transforming the country music genre the way Elvis transformed r... Read more

Roadie (1980)

Director: Alan Rudolph
Starring: Art Carney, Alice Cooper, Kaki Hunter, Meat Loaf, Roy Orbison, Hank Williams, Jr...

Down-home Texas boy Travis Redfish (Meat Loaf) falls hard for Lola, a glitter-spangled groupie determined to lose her virginity to Alice Cooper. Hopin... Read more

The Best of The Johnny Cash TV Show 1969 - 1971 (1971)

Director: Michael Borofsky
Starring: Johnny Cash, Bob Dylan, Kris Kristofferson, Waylon Jennings, Stevie Wonder, Joni...

From the summer of 1969 to the final show of March 1971 (58 episodes in all), The Johnny Cash TV Show, hosted by Kris Kristofferson, exposed America... Read more