Wise Blood (1979)

Director: John Huston
Starring: Brad Dourif, Harry Dean Stanton, Ned Beatty, Dan Shor

An unlikely religious leader (Brad Dourif) recruits a ragtag band of followers for his Church of Christ Without Christ in order to expose the hypocris... Read more

Rebel Rousers (1970)

Director: Martin B Cohen
Starring: Cameron Mitchell, Jack Nicholson, Bruce Dern, Diane Ladd, Harry Dean Stanton

Filmed in 1967 and not released until three years later, after the success of "Easy Rider", this film focuses on a philosophising leader of a pack of... Read more

Straight Time (1978)

Director: Ulu Grosbard
Starring: Dustin Hoffman, Harry Dean Stanton, Gary Busey

A recently released con (Dustin Hoffman) finds himself trapped between an indifferent criminal system and his own unconscious bent toward self destruc... Read more

Cimarron Strip: 'Til the End of the Night (1968)

Starring: Stuart Whitman, Suzanne Pleshette, Harry Dean Stanton

This classic western TV show dramatized the encounters of US Marshal Jim Crown (Stuart Whitman) and his efforts to bring law and order to the Cimarron... Read more

Inland Empire (2006)

Director: David Lynch
Starring: Laura Dern, Jeremy Irons, Justin Theroux, Harry Dean Stanton, Cameron Daddo

A mesmerizing performance by Laura Dern anchors David Lynch's mindbending tale of an actress who learns that her latest movie is a remake of a film th... Read more

She's So Lovely (1997)

Director: Nick Cassavetes
Starring: Sean Penn, Robin Wright, John Travolta, Harry Dean Stanton, Debi Mazar

Tells of the troubled on-off relationship between lowlife boozers Eddie and Maureen (Sean Penn and Robin Wright Penn), the latter taking up with a ste... Read more

Paris, Texas (1984)

Director: Wim Wenders
Starring: Harry Dean Stanton, Nastassja Kinski, Dean Stockwell, Aurore Clement, Hunter Car...

Sam Shepard wrote this lyrical and moving American tale directed by German filmmaker Wim Wenders. Beautifully photographed by Robby Muller with music... Read more

One From the Heart (1982)

Director: Francis Ford Coppola
Starring: Frederic Forrest, Teri Garr, Nastassja Kinski, Harry Dean Stanton

An extraordinarily visual film examining the bittersweet romance between Teri Garr and Frederic Forrest, with support from Nastassia Kinski and Harry... Read more

Ride In The Whirlwind (1965)

Director: Monte Hellman
Starring: Cameron Mitchell, Jack Nicholson, Millie Perkins, Harry Dean Stanton

Star Jack Nicholson co-produced and wrote the screenplay for this highly charged western in which three innocent cowboys are wrongly mistaken for stag... Read more