The Benny Hill Annual 1970 (1970)

Starring: Benny Hill, Henry McGee, Bob Todd

For nearly four decades Benny Hill's risque high-speed farce ruled supreme on British television, though undoubtedly it is his shows from the 1970s th... Read more

The Very Best of Benny Hill: Double Helpings! (2003)

Director: Dennis Kirkland
Starring: Benny Hill, Henry McGee, Bob Todd

2 hilarious programmes on 1 DVD. 'Benny Hill's Greatest Hits' has 90 minutes of fun frolics including 'The Town of Costa Coco', 'The Bill' - Hill styl... Read more

Benny Hill: The Best Of (1974)

Director: John Robins
Starring: Benny Hill, Henry McGee, Bob Todd

Benny Hill has been making audiences laugh since the early '50s with his own inimitable band of humour. This special compilation contains some of the... Read more

The Benny Hill Show: 1973-1974 Annuals (1973)

Starring: Benny Hill, Henry McGee, Bob Todd, Jackie Wright

For nearly four decades Benny Hill reigned supreme as the King of Comedy on British television. Undoubtedly, out of his entire body of work, it is the... Read more

The Best of Eric Sykes (2000)

Director: Tim Gleeson
Starring: Eric Sykes, Hattie Jacques, Les Dawson, Hugh Burden, Henry McGee

This offering showcases Eric's versatility, comic timing and above all, his likeability. The funniest moments are included on this specially compiled... Read more

Tales from the Crypt (1972)

Director: Freddie Francis
Starring: Ian Hendry, Joan Collins, Nigel Patrick, Patrick Magee, Peter Cushing, Ralph Ric...

When five unwary travellers with dark hearts stumble into a series of catacombs they find themselves in a cavern with no way out. But the horror's onl... Read more

The Galton and Simpson Playhouse (1977)

Director: Duncan Wood
Starring: Anton Diffring, Arthur Lowe, Charles Gray, Freddie Jones, Leonard Rossiter, Mona...

British comedy writing maestros Ray Galton and Alan Simpson ('Hancock's Half Hour', 'Steptoe and Son') created the 'Playhouse' series in the late Seve... Read more