Wire in the Blood: Series 1, Part 2 - Shadows Rising (2002)

Director: Nick Laughland
Starring: Robson Green, Hermione Norris

When two teenagers' bodies are pulled from a Northumberland lake, Dr. Tony Hill (Robson Green) immediately suspects a multiple killer. In a seemingly... Read more

Wire in the Blood: Series 1, Part 3 - Justice Painted Blind (2002)

Director: Roger Gartland
Starring: Robson Green, Hermione Norris

The abduction of an 11-year-old girl and the strangulation of a young woman bring back memories of the murder of young Trudy Hibbert three years earli... Read more

Wire in the Blood: Series 1, Part 1 - The Mermaids Singing (2002)

Director: Andrew Grieve
Starring: Hermione Norris, Robson Green

Clinical psychologist Dr. Tony Hill (Robson Green) is asked to help police track down the brutal killer of three men in Bradfield. Detective Inspector... Read more

Kingdom: Series 1 (2007)

Director: Robin Sheppard
Starring: Celia Imrie, Stephen Fry, Tony Slattery, Hermione Norris

Stephen Fry stars as Peter Kingdom; a solicitor whose dogged professionalism and compassion has made him a pillar of the Market Shipborough, the pictu... Read more

Spooks: Series 8 (2009)

Director: Various
Starring: Peter Firth, Hermione Norris, Robert Glenister, Richard Armitage

Harry Pearce (head of MI5s section D) has been kidnapped and the rest of the team are racing to solve the mystery of his disappearance before its to... Read more

Spooks: Series 7 (2008)

Director: Various
Starring: Peter Firth, Richard Armitage, Rupert Penry-Jones, Hermione Norris

The world is still facing the threat of Islamist terrorism and, with Russia re-emerging as a new super power, MI5's elite agents in Section D face eve... Read more

Spooks: Series 6 (2007)

Starring: Peter Firth, Rupert Penry-Jones, Hermione Norris, Raza Jaffrey

Tensions mount between the British and American intelligence groups as governmental relations break down world-wide, leading the spooks into a dangero... Read more

Agatha Christie Mysteries: The Pale Horse (2006)

Director: Charles Beeson
Starring: Jean Marsh, Leslie Phillips, Colin Buchanan, Jayne Ashbourne, Hermione Norris

In Agatha Christie's deepest venture into the occult, writer Mark Easterbrook is accused of murdering a priest. As he sets out to prove his innocence,... Read more

Separate Lies (2005)

Director: Julian Fellowes
Starring: Tom Wilkinson, Emily Watson, Hermione Norris, Rupert Everett, John Warnaby

A tragic accident is the catalyst that unravels a web of deceit in this intriguing drama based on Nigel Bachin's novel and written by screenwriter and... Read more

Cold Feet: Series 1 (1997)

Director: Nigel Cole, Ciaran Donnelly
Starring: James Nesbitt, Helen Baxendale, John Thomson, Hermione Norris, Robert Bathurst,...

Fusing comedy and drama this sharply observant series follows the lives of three couples living in Manchester who are at different stages on the relat... Read more