Road to Tokyo (2005)

Director: Graham Shirley
Starring: Narrated by, Jack Thompson

Narrated by Jack Thompson "Road to Toyko" is an eyewitness account of an often forgotten episode in history. By late 1944, the worst of World War Two... Read more

Whaledreamers (2007)

Director: Kim Kindersley
Starring: Jack Thompson, (narrated by)

Encouraging mankind to nourish their connection to all living things, musician Julian Lennon co-produced this chronicle of primitive tribes from aroun... Read more

The Western Front Diaries: Winning World War I (2008)

Director: Bill Leimbach
Starring: Jack Thompson, Narrated by

The ANZAC's Western Front campaign had a greater impact than Gallipoli in almost every aspect: five times more soldiers served and were killed there,... Read more

Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil (1997)

Director: Clint Eastwood
Starring: Kevin Spacey, John Cusack, Jack Thompson

A New York magazine writer (John Cusack) is sent to picturesque Savannah, Georgia, to cover a lavish party hosted by local antiques merchant Jim Willi... Read more

Sunday Too Far Away (1975)

Director: Ken Hannam
Starring: Reg Lye, Max Cullen, Jack Thompson

This breakthrough historical drama was the first Australian film of the 1970s to gain international acclaim, paving the way for the success of movies... Read more

Ground Zero (1987)

Director: Michael Pattinson
Starring: Colin Friels, Jack Thompson, Donald Pleasence

Colin Friels stars as a cinematographer who unwittingly becomes involved in political intrigue when he searches for the truth about the death of his f... Read more

The Sum Of Us (1994)

Director: Geoff Burton, Kevin Dowling
Starring: Jack Thompson, Russell Crowe, John Polson

Ferry driver and widower Jack Thompson lives with his son Russell Crowe. Both are looking for a long-term partner. Dad for a woman - son for a man. in... Read more

Original Sin (2000)

Director: Michael Cristofer
Starring: Antonio Banderas, Angelina Jolie, Thomas Jane, Jack Thompson

Ninteenth-century Cuban coffee plantation owner Antonio Banderas is surprised when the plain mail-order bride he sends for from the US turns out to be... Read more

Man-Thing (2004)

Director: Brett Leonard
Starring: Rachael Taylor, Matthew Le Nevez, Jack Thompson

When nature fights back! Investigating a string of bizarre killings, the new Sheriff of Bywater Kyle Williams (Matt Le Nevez), begins to suspect that... Read more

Flight of the Albatross (1996)

Director: Werner Meyer
Starring: Julia Brendler, Taungaroa Emile, Jack Thompson, Pete Smith

Sarah comes to New Zealand from Germany to visit with her research scientist mother on a remote island, though her mother doesn't seem all that excite... Read more