Rumble in Hong Kong (1974)

Director: Hdeng Tsu
Starring: Jackie Chan, John Chang, Charlie Chin, Phoenix Chen

Before "The Bronx" Jackie Chan displayed his prowess as the bodyguard of a Hong Kong gangster who goes against a tough female cop in order to protect... Read more

Jackie Chan's First Strike (1996)

Director: Stanley Tong
Starring: Jackie Chan, Chen Chun Wu, Jackson Lou

Hong Kong's most physically agile cop finds himself in James Bond-like intrigue involving the CIA, Russian Mafia, a nuclear device and a beautiful scu... Read more

1911: Revolution (2011)

Director: Jackie Chan, Zhang Li
Starring: Jackie Chan, Jiang Wu, Joan Chen, Ning Jing, Sun Chun, Winston Chao, Duobuji , J...

Aka "Xinhai Geming". Martial arts legend Jackie Chan reaches his 100th film milestone with this historical drama set in the year 1911, as the Chinese... Read more

Fearless Hyena (1979)

Director: Jackie Chan
Starring: Jackie Chan

Jackie Chan, living in a remote village, learns Kung-Fu from his grandfather. Soon he acts a master of a Kung-Fu school where a hood from way back kil... Read more

Fearless Hyena II (1983)

Director: Chuen Chan
Starring: Jackie Chan

A pair of evil Kung-Fu artists, Heaven and Earth, are slaughtering the entire Yin-Yan brotherhood. Twenty years later we see Jackie Chan, as he hunts... Read more

Dragon Fist (1979)

Director: Jackie Chan
Starring: Jackie Chan

Revenge. Honour. These two words become one in the mind of Kung-Fu artist Yuan as he seeks revenge for the death of his master. Jackie Chan stars. Read more

Snake in the Eagle's Shadow / Drunken Master (1978)

Director: Yuen Woo Ping
Starring: Jackie Chan

"Snake in the Eagle's Shadow" and "Drunken Master" are the popular and successful first collaborations of Jackie Chan and Yuen Woo Ping (acclaimed dir... Read more

The Killer Meteors (1976)

Director: Lo Wei
Starring: Jackie Chan

This martial arts adventure stars Jackie Chan as a heroic powerhouse who uses a secret weapon to defeat his arch enemy. Read more

To Kill With Intrigue (1977)

Director: Lo Wei
Starring: Jackie Chan

Jackie Chan stars as a young lord who possesses an unusual potential in Chinese Martial arts. After his family is slaughtered, he seeks revenge and ge... Read more

The Magnificent Bodyguard (1978)

Director: Lo Wei
Starring: Jackie Chan

One of Jackie Chan's earliest vehicles before his comic adventure films made him an internatial star features the martial arts legend as a warrior who... Read more