Darkroom: The Complete Series (1981)

Starring: James Coburn

In the tradition of Rod Serling's "The Twilight Zone" and "Night Gallery", "Alfred Hitchcock Presents" and "Thriller", came this much celebrated cult... Read more

Cross of Iron (1977)

Director: Sam Peckinpah
Starring: James Coburn, Maximilian Schell, James Mason

Sam Peckinpah's only war film is a violent and compelling story set on the Russian front in 1943, where war-weary German sergeant James Coburn encount... Read more

Draw! (1984)

Director: Steven Hilliard Stern
Starring: James Coburn, Kirk Douglas, Len Birman

Kirk Douglas is an old-time outlaw who finds himself trapped in a small Western town after a poker game ends in a gunfight and James Coburn is his old... Read more

Made For Each Other (1939)

Director: John Cromwell
Starring: Carole Lombard, James Stewart, Charles Coburn

Carole Lombard and James Stewart star in this classic comedy/drama about a young married couple who face a variety of problems ranging from financial... Read more

A Fistful of Dynamite ( aka Duck You Sucker ) (1972)

Director: Sergio Leone
Starring: Romolo Valli, Rod Steiger, James Coburn

James Coburn is top-billed as an Irish soldier of fortune with a penchant for explosives. Rod Steiger plays another mercenary who wants to utilize Cob... Read more

Bite the Bullet (1975)

Director: Richard Brooks
Starring: Gene Hackman, Candice Bergen, James Coburn

An excellent cast, featuring Gene Hackman, Ben Johnson, and James Coburn, highlights this entertaining Western as a disparate group of riders assemble... Read more

The Nutty Professor (1996)

Director: Tom Shadyac
Starring: Eddie Murphy, Jada Pinkett Smith, James Coburn

Eddie Murphy scores 'big' laughs in this high-tech updating of the Jerry Lewis original. When good-natured but overweight Professor Sherman Klump conc... Read more

Our Man Flint (1965)

Director: Daniel Mann
Starring: James Coburn, Lee J Cobb, Gila Golan

Super Secret Agent Flint (James Coburn) of Z.O.W.I.E. sets out to foil a plot to control the worlds weather when an evil organisation called Galaxy se... Read more

Eraser (1996)

Director: Chuck Russell
Starring: Arnold Schwarzenegger, Vanessa Williams, James Caan, James Coburn, Robert Pastor...

Arnold Schwarzenegger is a Federal Marshal working for the Witness Protection Program. Vanessa Williams plays a defense contractor employee who discov... Read more

A Reason To Live, A Reason To Die (1974)

Director: Tonino Valerii
Starring: James Coburn, Telly Savalas, Bud Spencer

Aka 'Massacre at Fort Holman'. A Union colonel enlists the aid of seven condemned men in retaking a Missouri fort captured by Confederates. This spagh... Read more