True Believer (1989)

Director: Joseph Ruben
Starring: James Woods, Robert Downey Jr, Yuji Okumoto

Aka "Fighting Justice". A good thriller about lawyer James Woods being convinced to take on a murder case by his idealistic young associate (Robert Do... Read more

In Love And War (1987)

Director: Paul Aaron
Starring: James Woods, Jane Alexander, Haing S Ngor

Based on the true story of Navy pilot James B Stockdale who endured eight years as a Vietnam POW while his wife Sybil worked for his release back in t... Read more

Salvador (1985)

Director: Oliver Stone
Starring: James Woods, James Belushi, John Savage, Michael Murphy, Elpidia Carrillo

Starring James Woods as a photojournalist sent to El Salvador in 1980 to expose that government's use of death squads. Gritty realism throughout with... Read more

Vampires (1998)

Director: John Carpenter
Starring: Daniel Baldwin, Sheryl Lee, James Woods, Maximilian Schell

AKA 'John Carpenter's Vampires'. The Vatican secretly enlists a team of vampire-hunters, led by Jack Crow (James Woods), to hunt down and destroy a gr... Read more

Holocaust (miniseries) (1978)

Director: Marvin Chomsky
Starring: James Woods, Meryl Streep, Michael Moriarty, David Warner

The time is the decade spanning the turbulent years of 1935 to 1945. Two families living in Nazi Germany struggle to survive amid the chaos and horror... Read more

The James Dean Era (1953)

Starring: James Dean, Natalie Wood

Three rare television dramas make up this cherished set of early James Dean performances, including: 'I Am A Fool' (1954) - Delivering an intimate per... Read more

The Onion Field (1979)

Director: Harold Becker
Starring: John Savage, James Woods, Ted Danson, Ronny Cox

Powerful film version of Joseph Wambaugh's fact-based novel about the killing of a policeman and his partner's eventual breakdown. James Wood's electr... Read more

The Public Enemy ( Blu-ray ) (1931)

Director: William A Wellman
Starring: Edward Woods, James Cagney, Jean Harlow, Joan Blondell

The charismatic James Cagney in the role that rightly made him a star! He plays a small-time hood who claws his way to the top, only to find it's furt... Read more

The Boost (1989)

Director: Harold Becker
Starring: James Woods, Sean Young, John Kapelos, Steven Hill

James Woods and Sean Young star in this tale about a hot-shot salesman and his wife whose fresh new start in L.A. becomes a cocaine nightmare. Read more

Jack Brooks: Monster Slayer (2007)

Director: Jon Knautz
Starring: Trevor Matthews, Robert Englund, James Woods, Rachel Skarsten

After witnessing the brutal murder of his family, Jack Brooks is left with an unquenchable fury he is constantly fighting to control. One night whilst... Read more