Beauty in Trouble (2006)

Director: Jan Hrebejk
Starring: Ana Geislerova, Roman Luknar, Emilia Vasaryova, Jana Brejchova, Jiri Schmitzer,...

Using recent events in Prague to drive his narrative, Czech director Jan Hrebejk ('Divided We Fall') sets his engrossing romantic dramedy in the wake... Read more

Divided We Fall (2000)

Director: Jan Hrebejk
Starring: Boleslav Polivka, Anna Siskova

Nominated for the Academy Award for Best Foreign Film, this stark but sometimes humourous effort is set in a Czech town during World War II where the... Read more

The Teacher (Ucitelka) (2016)

Director: Jan Hrebejk
Starring: Zuzana Mauréry, Zuzana Konecná, Csongor Kassai

Since the arrival of the new teacher, Maria Drazdechova, to a Bratislava suburban school in the year of 1983, life has turned upside down for students... Read more