Normal (2003)

Director: Jane Anderson
Starring: Jessica Lange, Tom Wilkinson, Clancy Brown, Hayden Panettiere

Tom Wilkinson and Jessica Lange are a long-married couple who have a typical family life in a small Illinois town. That is, until father of two, manuf... Read more

If These Walls Could Talk 2 (2000)

Director: Martha Coolidge, Jane Anderson, Anne Heche
Starring: Vanessa Redgrave, Chloe Sevigny, Michelle Williams, Ellen DeGeneres, Sharon Ston...

The lives of three lesbian couples are explored in stories set in the same house over three different decades. First, Vanessa Redgrave must deal with... Read more

UFO - SHADO File 1 and 2, Incidents 1 - 6 (1970)

Director: Alan Perry, David Lane, Gerry Anderson, Ken Turner
Starring: Ed Bishop, George Sewell, Michael Billington

A rarely-seen sci-fi classic from the imaginative mind of Gerry Anderson ('Thunderbirds'), this live action series is set in the year 1980 (ten years... Read more

UFO - SHADO File 7 and 8, Incidents 22 - 26   (1970)

Director: Cyril Frankel, David Lane, David Tomblin, Gerry Anderson, Jeremy Summers, Ken Turner
Starring: Ed Bishop, Michael Billington, Wanda Ventham

Set in the futuristic 1980s, the secret SHADO (Supreme Headquarters Alien Defence Organisation), led by Commander Ed Straker (Ed Bishop) returns for t... Read more