1911: Revolution (2011)

Director: Jackie Chan, Zhang Li
Starring: Jackie Chan, Jiang Wu, Joan Chen, Ning Jing, Sun Chun, Winston Chao, Duobuji , J...

Aka "Xinhai Geming". Martial arts legend Jackie Chan reaches his 100th film milestone with this historical drama set in the year 1911, as the Chinese... Read more

Blade of the Rose (2004)

Director: Corey Yuen Kwai, Patrick Leung
Starring: Jaycee Chan, Edison Chen, Charlene Choi, Tony Leung (Ka Fai), Donnie Yen, Daniel...

Jaycee Chan (Jackie's son) makes his film debut in this comic martial arts fantasy as a young boy (with the inauspicous name of Charcoal Head) who is... Read more

The Drummer (2007)

Director: Kenneth Bi
Starring: Tony Leung (Ka Fai), Jaycee Chan, Kenneth Tsang

Sid (Jaycee Chan) is the hedonistic playboy son of a Hong Kong mob boss (Tony Leung) who goes a step too far when he seduces the mistress of his fathe... Read more

Invisible Target (2007)

Director: Benny Chan
Starring: Nicholas Tse, Jaycee Chan, Shawn Yue, Jacky Wu, Lisa Lu, Andy On

Gen-X Hong Kong actioner with three cops who make it their personal mission to bring down a ruthless criminal gang, each for their own very different... Read more