The Man on the Train ( L'Homme Du Train ) (2002)

Director: Patrice Leconte
Starring: Johnny Hallyday, Jean Rochefort

Travelling to a small village to rob the local bank, an ageing criminal (Johnny Hallyday) strikes up an unlikely friendship with a retired poetry prof... Read more

Cartouche (1962)

Director: Philippe De Broca
Starring: Jean-Paul Belmondo, Claudia Cardinale, Marcel Dalio, Jean Rochefort

Jean-Paul Belmondo romps his way through the role of 18th century French bandit chief Cartouche. At first robbing from everyone in sight (he has to -... Read more

The Tall Blond Man with One Black Shoe / The Return of the Tall Blond Man (1972)

Director: Yves Robert
Starring: Pierre Richard, Bernard Blier, Jean Rochefort

The original French comedy and its successful sequel: 'The Tall Blond Man with One Black Shoe' - Bernard Milan covets Louis Toulouse's job in the secr... Read more

The Hairdresser's Husband (1990)

Director: Patrice Leconte
Starring: Jean Rochefort, Anna Galiena, Roland Bertin

A young boy with a fixation on a bosomy hairdresser grows up to marry a woman who's practically a reincarnation of his childhood dream. This charming... Read more

Lost in La Mancha (2002)

Director: Keith Fulton, Louis Pepe
Starring: Terry Gilliam, Jean Rochefort, Johnny Depp

A tantalizing memorial to what could have been, 'Lost in La Mancha' offers a frank, often hilarious and frequently painful account of some of the disa... Read more

Ridicule (1996)

Director: Patrice Leconte
Starring: Fanny Ardant, Charles Berling, Jean Rochefort, Judith Godreche, Bernard Giraudea...

A delightful tale of a young landowner who tries to obtain an audience with King Louis XVI in order to get grant money to drain a swamp. He soon disco... Read more

Jean-Paul Belmondo: Vol. 2 ( The Inheritor / Scoumoune: Mafia Warfare / The Body of My Enemy ) (1972)

Director: Jose Giovanni, Philippe Labro, Henri Verneuil
Starring: Carla Gravina, Claudia Cardinale, Jean Desailly, Jean Martin, Jean Rochefort, Je...

A Belmondo triple feature. "The Inheritor" (1972): When his father, a wealthy industrialist, is killed in an aeroplane crash, Bart Cordell returns to... Read more

The Count of Monte Cristo (1998)

Director: Josee Dayan
Starring: Gerard Depardieu, Ornella Muti, Jean Rochefort, Pierre Arditi, Sergio Rubini, Fl...

From the novel by Alexandre Dumas, 'The Count of Monte Cristo' tells the dramatic story of Edmond Dantes, a young French sailor who is falsely denounc... Read more

Mr Bean's Holiday (2007)

Director: Steve Bendelack
Starring: Rowan Atkinson, Emma De Caunes, Willem Dafoe, Jean Rochefort, Karel Roden, Steve...

Gangly goofball, Mr Bean (Rowan Atkinson) wins an all-expenses-paid trip to the balmy south of France, though naturally his holiday will be anything b... Read more

Bean-tastic - Mr Bean Boxset (1989)

Starring: Rowan Atkinson, Emma De Caunes, Willem Dafoe, Jean Rochefort, Peter MacNicol, Pa...

'Bean' - Mr Bean (Rowan Atkinson) does his big screen thing as the rubber faced, accident prone loon causing chaos across America after becoming inadv... Read more