Thunderstone: Series 1 (1999)

Starring: Jeffrey Walker, Emily Browning, Gerard Kennedy

An award-winning, futuristic live-action drama series depicting Earth in two future time zones - the first, an underground city called North Col and t... Read more

Doctor Who: The Androids of Tara (The Key to Time: Story 4) (1978)

Starring: Tom Baker, Mary Tamm, Peter Jeffrey

It seems the search for the fourth segment to the Key of Time will prove easy after Romana locates it on the planet Tara. But in this world nothing i... Read more

Ocean Girl: Series 1 (1994)

Starring: Marzena Godecki, David Hoflin, Jeffrey Walker, Alex Pinder, Kerry Armstrong, Nic...

Season one of this classic mid '90s Australian fantasy/adventure show comes to DVD. Set in the near future, Neri is a mysterious young girl who lives... Read more

White Feather (1955)

Director: Robert D Webb
Starring: Debra Paget, Jeffrey Hunter, John Lund, Robert Wagner

Accompanying an army colonel (John Lund) as the U.S. military peacefully resettles a Cheyenne tribe away from valuable Wyoming land, a land surveyor (... Read more

A Kiss Before Dying (1955)

Director: Gerd Oswald
Starring: Robert Wagner, Jeffrey Hunter, Virginia Leith, Joanne Woodward, Mary Astor

Moody and effective suspenser features a cast-against-type Robert Wagner as Bud Corliss, a darkly handsome college boy so obsessed with wealth that he... Read more

The Great Locomotive Chase / Shipwrecked (1956)

Director: Francis D Lyon, Nils Gaup
Starring: Jeffrey Hunter, Fess Parker, Kenneth Tobey, Stian Smestad, Gabriel Byrne

'The Great Locomotive Chase' - An adventure story based on a true American Civil War incident of a mission behind Confederate lines to steal a Union t... Read more

Her Majesty Mrs Brown (1997)

Director: John Madden
Starring: Judi Dench, Billy Connolly, Geoffrey Palmer

Dame Judi Dench is flawless as the morose Queen Victoria mourning the death of spouse Albert. Billy Connelly plays the plain-speaking John Brown, the... Read more

Ed Wood (1994)

Director: Tim Burton
Starring: Johnny Depp, Martin Landau, Sarah Jessica Parker, Patricia Arquette, Jeffrey Jon...

From Hollywood's acclaimed director Tim Burton comes the offbeat, true-life story of Hollywood's worst director, Ed Wood. Superstar Johnny Depp portr... Read more

Anna and the King (1999)

Director: Andy Tennant
Starring: Jodie Foster, Geoffrey Palmer, Chow Yun-Fat, Bai Ling

A lush, epic retelling of the classic true-life story. Jodie Foster stars as the widowed English school teacher who moves with her young son to Siam i... Read more

Stalag Luft (1993)

Director: Adrian Shergold
Starring: Geoffrey Palmer, Nicholas Lyndhurst, Stephen Fry, Sam Kelly

Deep in wartime Germany, something is stirring. Behind the barbed wire of a POW camp, brave allied heroes are plotting to escape, led by their daring... Read more