Sometimes Always Never (2018)

Director: Carl Hunter
Starring: Bill Nighy, Sam Riley, Alice Lowe, Jenny Agutter, Tim McInnerny

A man searches tirelessly for his missing son who he has not seen in years. When a body is located, the entire family's life is turned upside-down and... Read more

The Turn of the Screw (1999)

Director: Ben Bolt
Starring: Colin Firth, Pam Ferris, Jodhi May, Joe Sowerbutts, Grace Robinson, Jason Salkey...

A naive, young governess (Jodhi May) is hired by a charming bachelor (Colin Firth) to look after his two young children in a grand mansion in rural En... Read more

The Dick Cavett Show: Comic Legends (1969)

Starring: Dick Cavett, Woody Allen, Mel Brooks, Bill Cosby, Jerry Lewis, Jack Benny, Grouc...

This collection includes 12 seminal episodes from the popular late-night talk show, featuring a parade of comic royalty, namely: Woody Allen, Jack Ben... Read more

24: Season 1 (2001)

Director: Bryan Spicer, Stephen Hopkins, Winrich Kolbe
Starring: Kiefer Sutherland, Leslie Hope, Elisha Cuthbert, Sarah Clarke, Dennis Haysbert,...

Midnight. Jack Bauer (Kiefer Sutherland), head of the Los Angeles Counter Terrorist Unit, has just finished a chess game with his daughter, Kimberly (... Read more

The Golden Age of Comedy Collection (1950)

Starring: Jack Benny, Groucho Marx, Buster Keaton, Lucille Ball, Bob Hope, Lou Costello, D...

Laugh out loud with some of the best and funniest live comedy moments from the 1950s and '60s, a time when a wildly creative group of comedic talents... Read more