The Prado Museum: A Collection of Wonders (2019)

Starring: Jeremy Irons

To celebrate its 200th anniversary after its foundation in 19th November 1819, legendary movie star Jeremy Irons turns in visitor and narrator of the... Read more

Callas Forever (2002)

Director: Franco Zeffirelli
Starring: Fanny Ardant, Jeremy Irons, Joan Plowright

It took director Franco Zeffirelli a quarter of a century to figure out how best to pay homage on screen to his longtime friend and colleague, opera l... Read more

Gallipoli: The Frontline Experience (2005)

Director: Tolga Ornek
Starring: Narrated by, Sam Neill, Jeremy Irons

The Gallipoli campaign of World War I was so controversial and devastating, it changed the face of battle for ever. While many films have focused on t... Read more

Longitude (1999)

Director: Charles Sturridge
Starring: Michael Gambon, Jeremy Irons, Ian Hart

Once out of sight of land, mariners had no reliable way of telling their exact position in the world's seemingly endless oceans, so in 1714 Parliament... Read more

Kafka (1992)

Director: Steven Soderbergh
Starring: Jeremy Irons, Theresa Russell, Joel Grey

The life and writings of Franz Kafka inspired this fascinating film starring Jeremy Irons as a mild-mannered insurance clerk by day and aspiring write... Read more

Moonlighting (1982)

Director: Jerzy Skolimowski
Starring: Jeremy Irons, Eugene Haszkiewicz, Jiri Stanislav

Four Polish workmen are trapped in England, working illegally after martial law is delcared in Poland in Jerzy Skolimowski's realistic, ironic film, w... Read more

Swann in Love (1984)

Director: Volker Schlondorff
Starring: Jeremy Irons, Ornella Muti, Alain Delon

Jeremy Irons, Ornella Muti and Alain Delon star in Volker Schlondorff's ("The Tin Drum") engrossing, visually stunning, sexy film based on Marcel Prou... Read more

Langrishe, Go Down (1978)

Director: David Jones
Starring: Jeremy Irons, Judi Dench, Harold Pinter

In 1930s Dublin, German scholar Otto Peck (Jeremy Irons) is writing his precious thesis with excrutiating preciousness and cynicism. He plunges into a... Read more

Reversal of Fortune (1990)

Director: Barbet Schroeder
Starring: Glenn Close, Jeremy Irons, Ron Silver, Uta Hagen

A fascinating film based on a true story and seen through the eyes of the comatose Sunny von Bulow whose husband Claus has been accused of her attempt... Read more

The Man Who Knew Infinity (Blu-Ray) (2015)

Director: Matthew Brown
Starring: Jeremy Irons, Stephen Fry, Toby Jones, Dev Patel

In 1913, brilliant South Indian mathematician Srinivasa Ramanujan (Dev Patel) travels to Trinity College in England to work with professor G.H. Hardy... Read more