Vampyros Lesbos (1970)

Director: Jesus Franco
Starring: Ewa Stromberg, Soledad Miranda, Dennis Price, Paul Muller

From the prolific Jess Franco comes this savage sexual shocker that mixes horror and lesbian thrills. Ewa Stromberg is the woman haunted by weird drea... Read more

Venus in Furs (1969)

Director: Jesus Franco
Starring: James Darren, Klaus Kinski, Barbara McNair, Dennis Price, Maria Rohm, Margaret L...

Of all the twisted hits from cult director Jess Franco ("Vampyros Lesbos"), fans and critics alike call this his masterpiece! James Darren is a trauma... Read more

The Blood of Fu Manchu (1968)

Director: Jesus Franco
Starring: Christopher Lee, Richard Greene

Christopher Lee is the mysterious Asian madman Fu Manchu, plotting world domination from his secret headquarters underneath the Amazon rainforest. Fu... Read more

The Castle Of Fu Manchu (1969)

Director: Jesus Franco
Starring: Christopher Lee, Richard Greene, Maria Perschy, Tsai Chin

Christopher Lee portrays the sinister Asian genius, who terrorizes the globe by threatening to freeze the world's water supply with his latest inventi... Read more

The Bloody Judge (1969)

Director: Jesus Franco
Starring: Christopher Lee, Leo Genn, Maria Schell, Maria Rohm, Margaret Lee

Based loosely on the real life witch-hunting exploits of Lord Chief Justice Jeffreys (Christopher Lee) in the late 17th century. When a young woman i... Read more

The Girl From Rio (1968)

Director: Jesus Franco
Starring: George Sanders, Shirley Eaton, Richard Wyler, Maria Rohm

In the tradition of "Barbarella" and "Danger: Diabolik" comes this swinging '60s action orgy as bisexual super-villain Sumitra (Shirley Eaton) launche... Read more