Saving Grace (1997)

Director: Costa Botes
Starring: Jim Moriarty, Kirsty Hamilton

When Grace (Kirsty Hamilton) meets Gerald (Jim Moriarty), a delicate relationship develops. He repairs her confidence, which was shattered when her mo... Read more

Mahana (2016)

Director: Lee Tamahori
Starring: Nancy Brunning, Temuera Morrison, Jim Moriarty, Akuhata Keefe

In the 1960s on the east coast of New Zealand, two Maori sheep-shearing families  the Mahanas and the Poatas  are longstanding enemies and commercia... Read more

No Petrol, No Diesel! (2009)

Director: Stefen Harris
Starring: David McPhail, Mark Hadlow, Jim Moriarty, Helen Pearse-Otene

A small town, on State Highway 1, where nothing ever happens... Then Rex Devlin dies in a suspicious car wreck. And a mysterious stranger moves into t... Read more

The Strength of Water (2009)

Director: Armagan Ballantyne
Starring: Nancy Brunning, Jim Moriarty, Isaac Barber, Hato Paparoa, Melanie Mayall-Nahi

Living on a ramshackle chicken farm with their parents and various siblings, 10-year-old twins Kimi (Hato Paparoa) and Melody (Melanie Mayall-Nahi) ar... Read more

The Waimate Conspiracy (2006)

Director: Stefen Lewis
Starring: David McPhail, Mark Hadlow, Jim Moriarty, Helen Pearse-Otene, Janice Gray

Based on the director's comedic 1999 novel, 'The Waikikimukau Conspiracy', this grass-roots mockumentary focuses on a group of South Island Maori who... Read more