Little Women (1933)

Director: George Cukor
Starring: Katharine Hepburn, Joan Bennett, Paul Lucas

'Endless pleasure no matter how many times you've seen it' (Leonard Maltin). The Louisa M Alcott novel is portrayed on film featuring Katharine Hepbur... Read more

Marie Galante / Father's Little Dividend (1934)

Director: Henry King, Vincente Minnelli
Starring: Spencer Tracy, Joan Bennett, Elizabeth Taylor

A Spencer Tracy double feature. "Marie Galante" (1934) - After being shanghaied and taken to Panama, dance hall worker Ketti Gallian teams up with esp... Read more

Alabama Moon (2009)

Director: Tim McCanlies
Starring: John Goodman, Clint Howard, Jimmy Bennett

Eleven-year-old Moon Blake has spent most of his life hiding out in the forests of Alabama with his father, an anti-government radical who clings to c... Read more

The Woman in the Window (1944)

Director: Fritz Lang
Starring: Dan Duryea, Edward G Robinson, Joan Bennett, Raymond Massey

Fritz Lang directs this dazzling film noir showing Edward G. Robinson as an amiable professor invited to join beautiful model Joan Bennett in her apar... Read more

Father's Little Dividend (1951)

Director: Vincente Minnelli
Starring: Joan Bennett, Elizabeth Taylor, Spencer Tracy, Don Taylor, Billie Burke

This sequel to the 1950 comedy hit 'Father of the Bride' finds Spencer Tracy and Joan Bennett returning as Stanley and Ellie Banks, the parents of new... Read more

The Reckless Moment (1949)

Director: Max Ophuls
Starring: James Mason, Joan Bennett, Geraldine Brooks, Henry O'Neill, Shepperd Strudwick

A noir-soaked drama based on a story, 'The Blank Wall', by Elisabeth Sanxay Holding. Joan Bennett stars as a mother who finds the body of her daughte... Read more

The Man in the Iron Mask (1939)

Director: James Whale
Starring: Alan Hale, Joan Bennett, Joseph Schildkraut, Louis Hayward, Warren William

James Whale's exciting adaptation of the Alexandre Dumas novel centers on twin heirs to France's throne who are separated at birth. The first-born Lou... Read more

Scarlet Street (1945)

Director: Fritz Lang
Starring: Dan Duryea, Edward G Robinson, Joan Bennett, Margaret Lindsay

A box-office hit in its day (despite being banned in three states), 'Scarlet Street' is perhaps legendary director Fritz Lang's ('M', 'Metropolis') fi... Read more

The Son of Monte Cristo (1940)

Director: Rowland V Lee
Starring: Louis Hayward, Joan Bennett, George Sanders, Lionel Royce, Florence Bates

Louis Hayward stars as the sword-slinging hero, Edmond Dantes Jr., in this swashbuckling adventure from director Rowland V Lee. Masquerading as a fopp... Read more

Suspiria (1976)

Director: Dario Argento
Starring: Alida Valli, Jessica Harper, Joan Bennett, Stefania Casini, Udo Kier

A dancing school in a small German town is the setting for unholy terror, as modern-day witches seek to resurrect their coven's long-dead founder, in... Read more