Say Anything... (1989)

Director: Cameron Crowe
Starring: Ione Skye, Joan Cusack, John Cusack, John Mahoney, Lili Taylor

Superb performances from stars John Cusack and Ione Skye fuel this romantic comedy from screenwriter/first-time director Cameron Crowe. Army brat Lloy... Read more

Peep and the Big Wide World: The Windy Day (2004)

Starring: Joan Cusack

Join Peep, Chirp and Quack - three wonderfully inquisitive friends who explore their world. They live in a park (they are of course a chick, a duck an... Read more

War, Inc. (2008)

Director: Joshua Seftel
Starring: Ben Kingsley, Dan Aykroyd, Joan Cusack, John Cusack, Marisa Tomei, Hilary Duff

A political satire set in Turaqistan, a country occupied by an American private corporation run by a former US Vice-President (Dan Aykroyd). In an eff... Read more

Toy Story of Terror! (2013)

Director: Angus MacLane
Starring: Joan Cusack, Tim Allen, Tom Hanks

Join Woody, Buzz, Jessie and their pals in a frighteningly fun animated adventure. What starts out as an exciting road trip for the Toy Story gang tak... Read more

Grand Piano (2013)

Director: Eugenio Mira
Starring: Elijah Wood, John Cusack

Tom Selznick (Elijah Wood) is the most talented pianist of his generation, but has stopped performing in public because of his stage fright. Years aft... Read more

Runaway Bride (1999)

Director: Garry Marshall
Starring: Julia Roberts, Richard Gere, Joan Cusack

Julia Roberts and Richard Gere ("Pretty Woman") reteam in this romantic comedy about a reporter investigating a small-town woman notorious for leaving... Read more

Toy Story 2 ( Blu-ray ) (1999)

Director: John Lasseter
Starring: Joan Cusack, Kelsey Grammer, Tim Allen, Tom Hanks

When Woody is mistakenly left in a yard sale and taken by a fanatical toy collector, it's up to Buzz, Slinky Dog, Mr. Potato Head and the gang to stag... Read more

Arlington Road (1999)

Director: Mark Pellington
Starring: Tim Robbins, Jeff Bridges, Joan Cusack

Suburban America, the perfect place to hide a secret. Michael Faraday (Jeff Bridges), a college history professor, is still trying to come to terms wi... Read more

My Blue Heaven (1990)

Director: Herbert Ross
Starring: Steve Martin, Rick Moranis, Joan Cusack

Vinnie Antonelli (Steve Martin) is a mobster who agrees to turn states evidence against fellow criminals. Sheltered under the government's Witness Pro... Read more

High Fidelity (2000)

Director: Stephen Frears
Starring: John Cusack, Catherine Zeta-Jones, Lili Taylor, Tim Robbins, Jack Black, Lisa Bo...

Sharp, witty comedy from Nick Hornby's acclaimed novel stars John Cusack as the music and list obsessed proprietor of a funky Chicago music store who... Read more