Day of the Dead (1985)

Director: George A Romero
Starring: Lori Cardille, Terry Alexander, Joe Pilato

George Romero's third instalment in his 'Living Dead' series, following 'Night of the Living Dead' and 'Dawn of the Dead'. As the last camp of human... Read more

Poetic Justice (1993)

Director: John Singleton
Starring: Janet Jackson, Regina King, Tupac Shakur, Joe Torry, Tyra Ferrell

In her screen debut, Janet Jackson plays an LA beautician who has retreated from the world after her boyfriend's murder: mailman Tupac Shakur attempts... Read more

Def Comedy Jam Allstars Vol. 3 (2002)

Starring: Martin Lawrence, Cedric The Entertainer, Joe Torry, J Anthony Brown, Sommore

Throughout the 1990's Russell Simmons' 'Def Comedy Jam' on HBO exposed hilarious, predominantly African-American comedians to the public, creating man... Read more

Day of the Dead (Blu-Ray) (1985)

Director: George A Romero
Starring: Joe Pilato, Lori Cardille, Richard Liberty, Terry Alexander, George A Romero

Trapped in a missile silo, a small team of scientists, civilians and trigger-happy soldiers battle desperately to ensure the survival of the human rac... Read more

Stargate: Atlantis - Season 2 (2005)

Director: Various
Starring: Joe Flanigan, Torri Higginson, Rachel Luttrell, Rainbow Francks, Paul McGillion,...

Season 2 kicks off with the concluding third part of 'The Siege'. The new inhabitants of Atlantis continue to uncover the secrets of the ancients, sea... Read more

Stargate: Atlantis - Season 1 (2004)

Starring: Joe Flanigan, Torri Higginson, David Hewlett, Rachel Luttrell, Rainbow Francks,...

When a secret base, abandoned by the original builders of the Stargates and long-sought by the Stargate team, is found buried in the ice of Antarctica... Read more

Stargate: Atlantis - Season 3 (2006)

Starring: Joe Flanigan, Torri Higginson, Rachel Luttrell, Paul McGillion, David Hewlett, B...

Having stopped the Wraith from reaching Earth and having achieved another failure with the Wraith retrovirus, the expedition faces its third year in t... Read more

On the Job (2013)

Director: Erik Matti
Starring: Gerald Anderson, Joel Torre, Joey Marquez, Angel Aquino, Shaina Magdayao, Empres...

When a prominent drug dealer is murdered, police Sergeant Acosta (Joey Marquez) and Federal Agent Coronel (Piolo Pascual) lead the investigation, but... Read more

Paradise Alley (1978)

Director: Sylvester Stallone
Starring: Sylvester Stallone, Kevin Conway, Anne Archer, Joe Spinell, Armand Assante, Lee...

Sylvester Stallone scores a knockout in this period drama about three brothers from New York's Hell's Kitchen who see the local wrestling hall, Paradi... Read more

Of Mice and Men (1992)

Director: Gary Sinise
Starring: Alexis Arquette, John Malkovich, Gary Sinise, Ray Walston, Casey Siemaszko, Sher...

The year is 1930. America is gripped by the Depression. But in a time of poverty and despair, two men refused to give up hope. Lennie (John Malkovich)... Read more