Becket (1964)

Director: Peter Glenville
Starring: Richard Burton, Peter O'Toole, John Gielgud

Richard Burton and Peter O'Toole star in this grand historical drama adapted from the Jean Anouilh play about the tumultuous relationship of an archbi... Read more

Arthur (1981)

Director: Steve Gordon
Starring: Dudley Moore, John Gielgud, Liza Minnelli

Spoiled millionaire Dudley Moore must choose between continued wealth (in a planned marriage) and true love (with working-class waitress Liza Minnelli... Read more

The Scarlet and the Black (1983)

Director: Jerry London
Starring: Christopher Plummer, Gregory Peck, John Gielgud

Gregory Peck plays Monsignor Hugh O'Flaherty, a real-life cleric who, during World War II, rescued thousands of escaped POWs from the Gestapo. Christo... Read more

The Secret Agent (1936)

Director: Alfred Hitchcock
Starring: John Gielgud, Madeleine Carroll, Peter Lorre

A week of murder and intrigue in which a spy accidentally kills an innocent man. The real villain is thus free to hunt down his pursuer and continue h... Read more

A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man (1979)

Director: Joseph Strick
Starring: Bosco Hogan, T P McKenna, John Gielgud

This beautiful adaptation of James Joyce's autobiographical novel is a faithful portrait of the young author and his coming of age. Stephen Dedalus is... Read more

Wagner (1983)

Director: Tony Palmer
Starring: Gemma Craven, Joan Plowright, John Gielgud, Ralph Richardson, Richard Burton, Va...

Historical dazzler stars Richard Burton as the notorious composer, philosopher and scoundrel Richard Wagner. His exploits were the talk of Europe; his... Read more

The Shooting Party (1984)

Director: Alan Bridges
Starring: James Mason, Edward Fox, Dorothy Tutin, John Gielgud

An all-star British cast is featured in this complex film about the personalities, intrigues and conflicts that happen in the course of a weekend shoo... Read more

Agatha Christie Mysteries: The Seven Dials Mystery (1981)

Director: Tony Wharmby
Starring: Cheryl Campbell, John Gielgud, Rula Lenska, James Warwick

Agatha Christie's intricate mystery begins, as her stories often do, in an otherwise peaceful countryside where the grisly remains of two murdered vic... Read more

The Shakespeare Collection: Series 1 (BBC) (1978)

Starring: Helen Mirren, John Gielgud, Claire Bloom, Alan Rickman

In 1978, the BBC set itself the task of filming all of William Shakespeare's plays for television. The resulting productions, renowned for their loyal... Read more