Mosley (2019)

Director: Kirby Atkins
Starring: Lucy Lawless, John Rhys-Davies, Rhys Darby

A species of creatures known as "thoriphants" rebel against their life of servitude and embark on a treacherous journey to find the fabled city of Upr... Read more

The High Crusade (1994)

Director: Roland Emmerich
Starring: John Rhys-Davies, Rick Overton

Roland Emmerich (Stargate, Independence Day, and Godzilla) brings you John Rhys-Davies in a Monty Pythonesque tale of a band of Crusaders who find the... Read more

Scorcher (2002)

Starring: Mark Dacascos, John Rhys-Davies, Rutger Hauer

The only hope for humanity to survive a natural disaster is to detonate a nuclear bomb in Los Angeles, California. Read more

Return to the Lost World (1993)

Director: Timothy Bond
Starring: John Rhys-Davies, David Warner, Eric McCormack, Tamara Gorski, Darren Mercer

Answering a distress call from Africa, two rival scientists set out for the Lost World and find it threatened with destruction by sinister oil prospec... Read more

The Lost World (1992)

Director: Timothy Bond
Starring: David Warner, John Rhys-Davies, Tamara Gorski, Eric McCormack, Darren Mercer

Pursuing rumours of prehistoric life still thriving in the unexplored jungles of Africa, thrill-seeking journalist, Edward Malone, sparks an expeditio... Read more

Sliders: Season 3 (1996)

Starring: Jerry O'Connell, Cleavant Derricks, Sabrina Lloyd, John Rhys-Davies

Genius Quinn Mallory (Jerry O'Connell) continues his trans-universal travels, along with his slider buddies, as they bounce from world to world encoun... Read more

Fall of Eagles (1974)

Starring: Patrick Stewart, Michael Kitchen, John Rhys-Davies, Miriam Margolyes, Gemma Jone...

Dramatisation of the decline of three of the most powerful European dynasties of the modern age; the Hapsburgs, Romanovs and Hohenzollerns. As the thr... Read more

Helen of Troy (2003)

Director: John Kent Harrison
Starring: Sienna Guillory, Matthew Marsden, John Rhys-Davies, Rufus Sewell, Stellan Skarsg...

One of the most epic adventure stories of all time comes powerfully to life in this original mini-series. Inspired by Homer's "The Iliad", and featuri... Read more

The Princess Diaries 2: Royal Engagement (2004)

Director: Garry Marshall
Starring: Anne Hathaway, Julie Andrews, John Rhys-Davies, Hector Elizondo, Heather Mataraz...

As future Queen of Genovia, Princess Mia has everything a girl could want - except the magical romance she's always dreamed of. But soon, Mia's shocke... Read more

The Ferryman (2007)

Director: Chris Graham
Starring: John Rhys-Davies, Kerry Fox, Tamer Hassan, Amber Sainsbury, Craig Hall

Produced by the New Zealand Film Commission, this is the second feature by Chris Graham after 'Sione's Wedding' and a hugely successful career in musi... Read more