The Alamo (1960)

Director: John Wayne
Starring: John Wayne, Richard Widmark, Laurence Harvey

Rousing battle scenes and some larger-than-life heroes highlight director/star John Wayne's thrilling salute to Texas' battle for independence from Me... Read more

Brannigan (1975)

Director: Douglas Hickox
Starring: John Wayne, Richard Attenborough, Judy Geeson

After a racketeer flees to London to avoid extradition, a Chicago cop (John Wayne) follows him to cut him off at the pass. Exciting English locales an... Read more

North To Alaska (1960)

Director: Henry Hathaway
Starring: John Wayne, Stewart Granger, Fabian, Capucine

This fast-moving action epic of prospectors in Gold Rush Alaska stars John Wayne, Stewart Granger, Capucine and Fabian. Read more

Rio Grande (1950)

Director: John Ford
Starring: John Wayne, Maureen O'Hara, Ben Johnson

John Wayne is Lt. Colonel Kirby Yorke in the third of the trilogy of John Ford's films on the U.S. Cavalry. His mission is to cross the Rio Grande in... Read more

The Train Robbers (1972)

Director: Burt Kennedy
Starring: John Wayne, Rod Taylor, Ben Johnson

John Wayne meets Ann-Margaret in this superior sagebush saga about a beautiful widow who recruits a band of gunmen to recover lost loot. Read more

John Wayne Westerns: Riders of Destiny / The Lucky Texan / Texas Terror (1934)

Director: Robert Bradbury
Starring: John Wayne, George Gabby Hayes, Marion Burns

Some of the Duke's early best are offered on this disc. "Riders of Destiny". John Wayne is undercover special agent Singin' Sandy Saunders (although h... Read more

Hatari! (1961)

Director: Howard Hawks
Starring: Red Buttons, Elsa Martinelli, John Wayne, Hardy Kruger

It's adventure African style in this classic look at big game hunters. The great cast also includes Red Buttons, Elsa Martinelli and Hardy Kruger. Read more

The Sea Chase (1955)

Director: John Farrow
Starring: John Wayne, Lana Turner, David Farrar, Tab Hunter

John Wayne is a German Hitler-loathing captain of a decrepit freighter with an unusual cargo who faces danger and romance during WWII. Lana Turner is... Read more

The Man From Utah (1934)

Director: Robert Bradbury
Starring: George Gabby Hayes, John Wayne, Polly Ann Young

John Wayne's classic brings us to the rodeo, where the Duke has to deal with the corrupt patron who has killed some of its performers. Read more

Cahill: United States Marshal (1973)

Director: Andrew V McLaglen
Starring: John Wayne, Gary Grimes, Neville Brand, George Kennedy

Lawman J.D. Cahill (John Wayne) can stand alone against a bad-guy army. But as a widower father, he's on insecure footing raising two sons. Particular... Read more