St Ives (1976)

Director: J Lee Thompson
Starring: Charles Bronson, John Houseman, Harry Guardino, Harris Yulin, Dana Elcar

Ex-crime reporter Raymond St. Ives (Charles Bronson) has elegant taste, a yen for gambling and an unfinished novel in his typewriter. Hired to locate... Read more

Jawbone (2017)

Director: Thomas Napper
Starring: Ian McShane, Ray Winstone, Johnny Harris

A former youth boxing champion, Jimmy McCabe (Johnny Harris), is a man in search of hope but looking in all the wrong places. When he hits rock bottom... Read more

The Brittas Empire: Series 1 (1991)

Director: Mike Stephens
Starring: Chris Barrie, Pippa Haywood, Michael Burns, Harriet Thorpe, Julia St John

The gifts of management and diplomacy were not bestowed on Gordon Brittas (Chris Barrie) and though he means well, he can't resist the temptation to m... Read more

London to Brighton (2006)

Director: Paul Andrew Williams
Starring: Georgia Groome, Alexander Morton, Lorraine Stanley, Johnny Harris, Sam Spruell

Award-winning urban thriller by British writer-director Paul Andrew Williams, adapted from his short film, 'Royalty'. A gritty and unsentimental glim... Read more

Freaky Friday (1977)

Director: Gary Nelson
Starring: Barbara Harris, Jodie Foster, John Astin

One of Disney's better comedies from the 1970's, this perceptive fantasy allows Mum Barbara Harris and daughter Jodie Foster to share a role reversing... Read more

Whitechapel (2009)

Director: SJ Clarkson
Starring: Philip Davis, Alex Jennings, Steve Pemberton, Rupert Penry-Jones, Johnny Harris

The streets of London's East End are awash with blood. A murderer stalks the night, picking off vulnerable women and leaving them brutally butchered.... Read more

A Very Harold & Kumar Christmas (Blu-ray) (2011)

Director: Todd Strauss-Schulson
Starring: Kal Penn, John Cho, Neil Patrick Harris

Six years after their Guantanamo Bay adventure, stoner buds Harold Lee and Kumar Patel cause a holiday fracas by inadvertently burning down Harold's f... Read more

Harold and Kumar Escape from Guantanamo Bay (2008)

Director: Jon Hurwitz, Hayden Schlossberg
Starring: John Cho, Kal Penn, Rob Corddry, Roger Bart, Neil Patrick Harris, Danneel Harris...

The cannabis-craving twosome return in this high-flying sequel that finds them labelled as terrorists after their pot-smoking paraphernalia is mistake... Read more

Daylight Robbery (2007)

Director: Paris Leonti
Starring: Vas Blackwood, Robert Boulter, Paul Nicholls, Geoff Bell, Johnny Harris, Leo Gre...

Alex masterminds a plan to steal millions in untraceable cash from the London Exchange Bank. Setting up their alibi, Alex and his unlikely gang of rob... Read more

Cross Of Fire (1989)

Director: Paul Wendkos
Starring: John Heard, Mel Harris, David Morse, Donald Moffat

Based on a true story, this searing historical drama well written by Robert Crais is about the rise and fall of David Stephenson, the frighteningly c... Read more