The Return of Jafar (1994)

Director: Alan Zaslove, Tad Stones, Toby Shelton
Starring: Jason Alexander, Jonathan Freeman

The made-for-video sequel to Disney's animated smash 'Aladdin', with the parrot lago trying to renounce his evil master and befriend Aladdin and Jasmi... Read more

The Deep End of the Ocean (1999)

Director: Ulu Grosbard
Starring: John Kapelos, Michelle Pfeiffer, Treat Williams, Whoopi Goldberg, Jonathan Jacks...

Based on the best-seller by Jacquelyn Mitchard about the disappearance of a three-year-old at his mother's high school reunion. Ten years later his mo... Read more

Midsomer Murders: DCI Barnaby and Me - Collection 2 (2008)

Director: Various
Starring: Barry Jackson, John Nettles, Jane Wymark, Jonathan Firth, Daniel Casey

John Nettles, DCI Tom Barnaby himself, counts down his Top 5 episodes, from how it all began in the premiere to his favourite storyline, leading lady,... Read more

Riding the Bullet (2004)

Director: Mick Garris
Starring: Jonathan Jackson, Erika Christensen, David Arquette, Cliff Robertson, Nicky Katt...

October 1969. The Summer of Love. Alan Parker (Jonathan Jackson) is a struggling young artist whose work is haunted by images of death. His obsession... Read more

An Ideal Husband / The Successor (1998)

Director: Bill Cartlidge
Starring: James Wilby, Sadie Frost, Jonathan Firth, Jason Connery

'An Ideal Husband' - In a moment of youthful indiscretion, Sir Robert Chiltern betrayed his country and received the money that became the basis of hi... Read more

Something Wicked This Way Comes (1983)

Director: Jack Clayton
Starring: Jason Robards, Jonathan Pryce, Diane Ladd, Pam Grier

Ray Bradbury wrote the screenplay based on his own novel about a mysterious carnival's visit to a turn-of-the-century Midwestern town. Full of wonderf... Read more

Tuck Everlasting (2002)

Director: Jay Russell
Starring: Alexis Bledel, William Hurt, Jonathan Jackson, Ben Kingsley, Sissy Spacek, Amy I...

An endearing and thoughtful Disney fantasy, based on Natalie Babbitt's popular book. In 1910s New York state, teenager Alexis Bledel is lost in the wo... Read more

Life on Mars (US): The Complete Series (2008)

Starring: Gretchen Mol, Harvey Keitel, Michael Imperioli, Jonathan Murphy, Jason O'Mara

For New York detective Sam Tyler (Jason O'Mara), time is relative. While pursuing a serial killer in 2008 he is hit by a car. The next thing he knows... Read more

Dirty Dancing: Havana Nights (2004)

Director: Guy Ferland
Starring: Diego Luna, Romola Garai, Sela Ward, John Slattery, Jonathan Jackson, January Jo...

On the eve of Cuba's revolution, Katey Miller (Romola Garai), a young American woman, discovers a passion for dance and for her sultry Cuban partner,... Read more

The Adventures of Rocky and Bullwinkle (2000)

Director: Des Mcanuff
Starring: Jason Alexander, Rene Russo, Robert De Niro, Piper Perabo, Janeane Garofalo, Jon...

The classic Jay Ward cartoon series becomes a mix of live-action and animation, as the retired moose and squirrel heroes leave their Frostbite Falls c... Read more

Above and Beyond (2006)

Director: Sturla Gunnarsson
Starring: Richard E Grant, Liane Balaban, Jason Priestley, Joss Ackland, Jonathan Scarfe,...

This Canadian mini-series tells the story of Ferry Command, a civilian effort to escort bombers across the Atlantic Ocean to the UK during the darkest... Read more

Incredibles 2 (2018)

Director: Brad Bird
Starring: Catherine Keener, Craig T Nelson, Holly Hunter, John Ratzenberger, Samuel L Jack...

While the Parr family has accepted its collective calling as superheroes, the fact remains that their special heroism is still illegal. After they are... Read more

X-Men Origins: Wolverine ( Blu-ray ) (2009)

Director: Gavin Hood
Starring: Hugh Jackman, Liev Schreiber, Ryan Reynolds, Dominic Monaghan, Danny Huston, Lyn...

Leading up to the events of the three previous 'X-Men' films, see the team's most valued and volatile member as he began - a muscly, fiery fighting ma... Read more

X-Men Origins: Wolverine (2009)

Director: Gavin Hood
Starring: Hugh Jackman, Liev Schreiber, Ryan Reynolds, Dominic Monaghan, Danny Huston, Lyn...

Leading up to the events of the three previous 'X-Men' films, see the team's most valued and volatile member as he began - a muscly, fiery fighting ma... Read more

Listen Up Philip (2014)

Director: Alex Ross Perry
Starring: Jason Schwartzman, Elisabeth Moss, Jonathan Pryce, Krysten Ritter, Josephine de...

Anger rages in Philip (Jason Schwartzman, The Grand Budapest Hotel) as he awaits the publication of his sure-to-succeed second novel. He feels pushed... Read more

Ringers: Lord of the Fans (2005)

Director: Carlene Cordova
Starring: Peter Jackson, Dominic Monaghan, Elijah Wood, Viggo Mortensen, Orlando Bloom, Da...

Essential viewing for any true Tolkein fan, this smart, entertaining documentary explores the influence of 'The Lord of The Rings' on society and pop... Read more

The Secret Policeman's: The Big Three-O (1991)

Director: David Hillier
Starring: Mel Smith, Griff Rhys Jones, John Cleese, Dawn French, Jennifer Saunders, Jonath...

The Secret Policemen are back for Amnesty's 30th Anniversary Special. Comedians include all the faves of the time - Alexei Sayle, John Cleese, Hale &... Read more

Snakes on a Plane (2006)

Director: David R Ellis
Starring: Samuel L Jackson, Julianna Margulies, Nathan Phillips, Rachel Blanchard, Flex Al...

Samuel L. Jackson is FBI agent Neville Flynn, a no-nonsense professional bringing an important government witness across the Pacific Ocean. But the ba... Read more

Shooting Livien (2004)

Director: Rebecca Cook
Starring: Jason Behr, Sarah Wynter, Dominic Monaghan, Joshua Leonard, Ally Sheedy, Jay O S...

New York musician John Livien (Jason Behr) might have talent to spare and a message in his music, but he seems determined to derail himself from the f... Read more

Carrie Pilby (2016)

Director: Susan Johnson
Starring: Gabriel Byrne, Nathan Lane, Jason Ritter, William Moseley, Bel Powley, Vanessa B...

Carrie would rather stay in bed than deal with the immoral, sex-obsessed hypocrites who seem to overrun her hometown, New York City. Shes sick of try... Read more

Midsomer Murders: DCI Barnaby and Me - Collection 1 (2008)

Starring: John Nettles, Daniel Casey, Jane Wymark, Barry Jackson, Jonathan Firth, Emily Mo...

John Nettles, who plays Inspector Barnaby in this long-running and much-loved murder mystery series, picks five of his favourite episodes for this col... Read more

A Very English Scandal (2018)

Director: Stephen Frears
Starring: Hugh Grant, Ben Whishaw, Monica Dolan, Alice Orr-Ewing, Alex Jennings, Jonathan...

British Liberal Party leader Jeremy Thorpe is accused of conspiracy to murder his gay ex-lover and forced to stand trial in 1979. Read more