The Secret Garden (2020)

Director: Marc Munden
Starring: Julie Walters, Colin Firth

An orphaned girl discovers a magical garden hidden at her strict uncle's estate. The main character Mary Lennox "Dixie Egerickx" is a spoiled 10-year... Read more

Personal Services (1987)

Director: Terry Jones
Starring: Julie Walters, Alec McCowen

Julie Walters stars as suburban brothel Madame, Christine Painter, with some highly unusual clients. Inspired by the real experiences of the legendary... Read more

The Secret Diary of Adrian Mole Aged 13 3/4 (1985)

Director: Peter Sasdy
Starring: Julie Walters, Gian Sammarco, Lindsey Stagg

This comedy revolves around the obsessive self-interest of a young boy and his observations on life. Based on the novel by Sue Townsend and starring J... Read more

Buster (1988)

Director: David Green
Starring: Phil Collins, Julie Walters, Larry Lamb

On August 8, 1963, the Royal Mail train, on its nighttime run from London to Glasgow, was robbed by 15 men who got away with 2.6 million pounds. It b... Read more

She'll Be Wearing Pink Pyjamas (1984)

Director: John Goldschmidt
Starring: Julie Walters, Anthony Higgins, Jane Evers

Eight woman assemble for a week long survival course. In experiencing the limits of their endurance they have created a uniquely moving, sensitive mot... Read more

Billy Elliot (2000)

Director: Stephen Daldry
Starring: Jamie Bell, Gary Lewis, Julie Walters

Winning and powerful drama set in a 1980s British mining town where 11 year old Billy switches from boxing to ballet when he discovers he has a talent... Read more

Julie Walters and Friends (1991)

Director: Alasdair Macmillan
Starring: Alan Bennett, Julie Walters, Victoria Wood

Julie Walters and Victoria Wood star in this classic Christmas sketch show from 1991. Included in this witty hour of comedy are new characters, from a... Read more

Wild Rose (2018)

Director: Tom Harper
Starring: Jessie Buckley, Sophie Okonedo, Julie Walters

Fresh out of prison, a Scottish woman juggles her job and two children while pursuing her dream of becoming a country music star. She soon gets her ch... Read more

Canterbury Tales (2004)

Starring: Julie Walters, James Nesbitt, Jonny Lee Miller

Written 600 years ago, Chaucer's 'Canterbury Tales' explored the depths of the human psyche, whether it be love, sex, greed, gluttony or God. In this... Read more

Educating Rita (1983)

Director: Lewis Gilbert
Starring: Michael Caine, Julie Walters, Michael C Williams

An entertaining adaptation of Willy Russell's stage play about a young working class wife who wants to better herself and selects a boozy professor as... Read more