The Widow Of Saint-Pierre (1999)

Director: Patrice Leconte
Starring: Juliette Binoche, Daniel Auteuil, Emir Kusturica

1850 Saint-Pierre, a forgotten small island near Canada. Neel Auguste is found guilty and condemned to death, but in Saint-Pierre there is neither gui... Read more

Eyes Without A Face (1960)

Director: Georges Franju
Starring: Pierre Brasseur, Alida Valli, Edith Scob, Juliette Mayniel, Francois Guerin

A macabre French horror classic with Peirre Brasseur as the disturbed Dr Genessier, a brilliant plastic surgeon whose daughter has been disfigured in... Read more

The Unbearable Lightness of Being (1988)

Director: Philip Kaufman
Starring: Lena Olin, Juliette Binoche, Daniel Day-Lewis

Czech author Milan Kundera's novel has been transferred to film by director Philip Kaufman ('The Right Stuff', 'Henry And June'). The emphasis is less... Read more

Les Cousins (1959)

Director: Claude Chabrol
Starring: Gerard Blain, Jean-Claude Brialy, Juliette Mayniel, Guy Decomble, Michele Meritz

Charles (Gerard Blain) is a naive provincial with bourgeois aspirations. He moves to Paris and stays with his urbane and decadent cousin (Jean-Claude... Read more

Hidden ( Cache ) (2005)

Director: Michael Haneke
Starring: Daniel Auteuil, Juliette Binoche, Maurice Benichou, Annie Girardot

George (Daniel Auteuil) and his wife Anne (Juliette Binoche) seem to have the perfect middle-class lifestyle until one day mysterious videotapes and d... Read more

Whip It (2009)

Director: Drew Barrymore
Starring: Daniel Stern, Drew Barrymore, Juliette Lewis, Marcia Gay Harden, Jimmy Fallon, E...

Drew Barrymore's feature directing debut (she also produced and co-stars) is this hilarious comedy starring Ellen Page ("Juno") as Bliss Cavendar, a s... Read more

Slogan (1969)

Director: Pierre Grimblat
Starring: Serge Gainsbourg, Jane Birkin, Andrea Parisy, Daniel Gelin, Henri-Jacques Huet,...

Serge (Serge Gainsbourg) is a successful ad man and winner at the advertising awards festival held in Venice. While there he meets an attractive Briti... Read more

Infamous (2006)

Director: Douglas McGrath
Starring: Toby Jones, Sandra Bullock, Daniel Craig, Gwyneth Paltrow, Hope Davis, Jeff Dani...

The second film to examine Truman Capote's role in the murder trial that culminated in his book, 'In Cold Blood'. Shot just a few months after 'Capot... Read more