Crimes of Passion (1984)

Director: Ken Russell
Starring: Kathleen Turner, Anthony Perkins, John Laughlin

A highly charged erotic thriller from Ken Russell that features some of the hottest love scenes ever for a Hollywood film. Kathleen Turner is an enigm... Read more

Lisztomania (1975)

Director: Ken Russell
Starring: Fiona Lewis, Paul Nicholas, Ringo Starr, Roger Daltrey, Sara Kestelman, Rick Wak...

This freewheeling fantasia on the life of pianist Franz Liszt ranks among director Ken Russell's most outrageous efforts. Roger Daltrey, lead singer f... Read more

Mahler (1974)

Director: Ken Russell
Starring: Georgina Hale, Robert Powell, Rosalie Crutchley, Miriam Karlin

A dazzling evocation of the moods, loves, and music of one of the foremost composers - Gustav Mahler. By means of flashbacks and dream imagery, the fi... Read more

Tommy (1975)

Director: Ken Russell
Starring: Ann-Margret , Oliver Reed, Roger Daltrey, Elton John, Eric Clapton, John Entwist...

Ken Russell's garish and psychedelic handling of The Who's visionary rock opera about a young man named Tommy (Roger Daltrey), who retreats into a mot... Read more

The Lair Of The White Worm (1988)

Director: Ken Russell
Starring: Amanda Donohoe, Hugh Grant, Catherine Oxenberg

Ken Russell unearths a tale written by Bram Stoker ('Dracula') about an ancient pagan snake cult flourishing in the modern English countryside, and ad... Read more

The Rainbow (1989)

Director: Ken Russell
Starring: Sammi Davis, Amanda Donohoe, Paul McGann

D H Lawrence's novel about the sexual and emotional maturation of a Victorian girl. This predecessor to 'Women in Love', is well filmed by Ken Russell... Read more

Women in Love (1969)

Director: Ken Russell
Starring: Alan Bates, Glenda Jackson, Oliver Reed, Jennie Linden, Eleanor Bron, Alan Webb

Director Ken Russell's moving adaptation of D.H. Lawrence's novel is set in 1920s England and chronicles the complicated romantic lives of artist Glen... Read more

Delius: Song of Summer (1968)

Director: Ken Russell
Starring: Max Adrian, Maureen Pryor, Christopher Gable

Perhaps the finest of the series of biographical films that Ken Russell made for the BBC in the Sixties, "Song of Summer" is an immensely moving story... Read more

Lady Chatterley (1993)

Director: Ken Russell
Starring: Joely Richardson, Sean Bean, James Wilby

Director Ken Russell's version of the D.H. Lawrence novel has Joely Richardson as the lady and Sean Bean the gamekeeper. A handsome TV production by a... Read more

Altered States (1980)

Director: Ken Russell
Starring: William Hurt, Blair Brown, Bob Balaban, Charles Haid

William Hurt stars in a dazzling debut as a research scientist on an incredible journey into the inner space of the mind. He tries everything from ps... Read more