Freud (1962)

Director: John Huston
Starring: Larry Parks, Montgomery Clift, Susannah York, Susan Kohner

John Huston's 1962 film is a fictional biopic starring Montgomery Clift, depicting 5 years in the life of the hugely-influential Viennese psychoanalys... Read more

The Jolson Story / Jolson Sings Again (1946)

Director: Alfred E Green, Henry Levin
Starring: Larry Parks, Evelyn Keyes, William Demarest, Barbara Hale

Larry Parks is unforgettable in the role of America's greatest performer, in two films that follow Jolson's career and life from renowned minstrel and... Read more

Down to Earth (1947)

Director: Alexander Hall
Starring: Edward Everett Horton, James Gleason, Larry Parks, Marc Platt, Rita Hayworth, Ro...

It's heaven on earth in this delightful musical comedy sequel to the enormously successful "Here Comes Mr. Jordan." Rita Hayworth plays an incredibly... Read more

Penny Points to Paradise / Let's Go Crazy (1951)

Starring: Bill Kerr, Harry Secombe, Peter Sellers, Spike Milligan, Alfred Marks

This comedy is most notable for marking the feature film debut of enormously popular comedic actor Peter Sellers. The story is set in Brighton and fol... Read more