The Magic Carpet (1951)

Director: Lew Landers
Starring: Lucille Ball, John Agar, Patricia Medina

Using a magic flying carpet and a handful of friends, the son of a murdered Caliph must fight the usurper in order to win the throne of the Caliphate. Read more

Ridin On A Rainbow (1941)

Director: Lew Landers
Starring: Gene Autry

Gene's investigation of a bank robbery takes him to a showboat. There he finds that teenage singer Patsy's father has been working with the robbers to... Read more

Back In The Saddle (1941)

Director: Lew Landers
Starring: Gene Autry

Gene returns from the East with new ranch owner Tom Bennett to find everyone's cattle dying. Blaine has reopened the copper mine and the waste is pois... Read more

Captain John Smith and Pocahontas (1953)

Director: Lew Landers
Starring: James Seay, Robert Clarke, Jody Lawrance, Phillip Van Zandt, Alan Hale Jr, Stuar...

Whether true or not, the legend of Captain John Smith (Anthony Dexter) and Pochahontas (Jody Lawrance) is one of history's great romantic stories. Cap... Read more

The Singing Hill (1941)

Director: Lew Landers
Starring: Gene Autry

The free grazing land that the local ranchers have used for years is about to be sold to John R. Ramsey (George Meeker), a greedy, grasping cattle bro... Read more