7 Times Lucky (2004)

Director: G. B. Yates
Starring: Kevin Pollak, Liane Balaban

Kevin Pollack is Harlan, a veteran grifter on a losing streak. When he gambles away a wad of cash that belonged to his boss, he's desperate to get th... Read more

The Grand Seduction (2013)

Director: Don McKellar
Starring: Brendan Gleeson, Gordon Pinsent, Liane Balaban, Taylor Kitsch

In a Newfoundland fishing village, the arrival of a big-city doctor (Taylor Kitsch) is greeted with excitement by the locals, who hope he can be convi... Read more

Above and Beyond (2006)

Director: Sturla Gunnarsson
Starring: Richard E Grant, Liane Balaban, Jason Priestley, Joss Ackland, Jonathan Scarfe,...

This Canadian mini-series tells the story of Ferry Command, a civilian effort to escort bombers across the Atlantic Ocean to the UK during the darkest... Read more

Last Chance Harvey (2008)

Director: Joel Hopkins
Starring: Dustin Hoffman, Emma Thompson, Eileen Atkins, Kathy Baker, Liane Balaban, James...

Dustin Hoffman and Emma Thompson star in this bittersweet romantic comedy about finding love late in life. Jingle writer Harvey is down in the dumps,... Read more