The Texas Rangers (1936)

Director: King Vidor
Starring: Fred MacMurray, Jack Oakie, Jean Parker, Lloyd Nolan

When three outlaws barely escape after committing a stagecoach robbery, they saddle up their horses and head south to Texas, where two of them go unde... Read more

Johnny Apollo (1939)

Director: Henry Hathaway
Starring: Dorothy Lamour, Edward Arnold, Lloyd Nolan, Tyrone Power

When his banker father is jailed for embezzlement, an embittered Tyrone Power leaves his old life behind him to start a new one as gangster "Johnny Ap... Read more

Somewhere in the Night (1946)

Director: Joseph L Mankiewicz
Starring: John Hodiak, Nancy Guild, Richard Conte, Lloyd Nolan

Stricken with amnesia during action in the South Pacific, WWII Marine John Hodiak returns home with only a letter from a now-dead ex-girlfriend as a c... Read more

Guadalcanal Diary (1943)

Director: Lewis Seiler
Starring: William Bendix, Anthony Quinn, Preston Foster, Lloyd Nolan, Richard Conte

Based on the best seller of the same name, "Guadalcanal Diary" is one of the greatest war movies of all time. This strikingly realistic film follows a... Read more

Island In The Sky (1953)

Director: William A Wellman
Starring: John Wayne, Lloyd Nolan, Walter Abel, James Arness, Andy Devine

The frozen, unforgiving terrain of sub-Acrtic Canada is the setting for this tale of an Army transport plane that is forced to crash land in the icy... Read more

Lady in the Lake (1946)

Director: Robert Montgomery
Starring: Audrey Totter, Leon Ames, Lloyd Nolan, Robert Montgomery, Tom Tully

Robert Montgomery stars in and directs this snappy adaptation of Raymond Chandler's hardboiled detective mystery. The case begins when Marlowe, the pr... Read more

The House on 92nd Street (1945)

Director: Henry Hathaway
Starring: Gene Lockhart, Leo G Carroll, Lloyd Nolan, Signe Hasso, William Eythe

A German-American student is contacted by Nazi spies working in New York City and looking for information on the atomic bomb program. With the help of... Read more

Peyton Place (1957)

Director: Mark Robson
Starring: Lana Turner, Hope Lange, Lee Philips, Lloyd Nolan, Arthur Kennedy, Russ Tamblyn

While Constance (Lana Turner) and the other parents in a picture-perfect New Hampshire town strive to keep their teenagers on the straight and narrow,... Read more

The Street With No Name (1948)

Director: William Keighley
Starring: Ed Begley, Barbara Lawrence, Lloyd Nolan, Mark Stevens, Richard Widmark, John Mc...

Two baffling murders send top FBI man Gene Cordell (Mark Stevens) undercover in a notorious gang headed by up and coming crime boss, Alec Stiles (Rich... Read more

The Lemon Drop Kid (1951)

Director: Frank Tashlin, Sidney Lanfield
Starring: Bob Hope, Fred Clark, Jane Darwell, Lloyd Nolan, Andrea King, William Frawley

When the Lemon Drop Kid accidentally steers Moose Moran's girl away from a winning bet, he is forced to come up with $10,000 to repay the angry gangst... Read more