The Devil's Arithmetic (1999)

Director: Donna Deitch
Starring: Kirsten Dunst, Brittany Murphy, Mimi Rogers, Louise Fletcher

Sixteen year old Hanna Stern was a typical American teenager who ignored her family's heritage until a mystical Passover seder takes her back in time... Read more

Brainstorm (1983)

Director: Douglas Trumbull
Starring: Cliff Robertson, Christopher Walken, Natalie Wood, Louise Fletcher

Special-effects wizard Douglas Trumbull directed this technological thriller about a device that enables one to experience someone else's thoughts and... Read more

Two Moon Junction (1988)

Director: Zalman King
Starring: Sherilyn Fenn, Richard Tyson, Louise Fletcher, Burl Ives, Kristy McNichol

Her mother warned her about this kind of boy...but she couldn't warn her about the feelings he'd inspire. Heartfelt erotic drama about two teen lovers... Read more

Dead Kids (1981)

Director: Michael Laughlin
Starring: Michael Murphy, Louise Fletcher, Dan Shor, Fiona Lewis, Arthur Dignam

Aka "Strange Behavior". When corpses marked by strange stab wounds start appearing in a small Midwestern town, grisly murders are traced to experiment... Read more

Blue Steel (1989)

Director: Kathryn Bigelow
Starring: Clancy Brown, Jamie Lee Curtis, Ron Silver, Elizabeth Pena, Louise Fletcher

Novice New York cop Jamie Lee Curtis gets involved with a handsome commodities trader. Little does she know that he's a serial killer who carves her n... Read more

Aurora Borealis (2005)

Director: James Burke
Starring: Joshua Jackson, Juliette Lewis, Donald Sutherland, Louise Fletcher, Steven Pasqu...

Duncan (Joshua Jackson) is a depressed 20-something who has just lost another job. He makes extra money by letting out his flat for his brother's rom... Read more

A Map of the World (1999)

Director: Scott Elliott
Starring: Sigourney Weaver, Julianne Moore, David Strathairn, Ron Lea, Arliss Howard, Chlo...

Alice (Sigourney Weaver) and Howard (David Strathairn) have moved to a small town to pursue Howard's dream of owning a farm. An outspoken woman, Alice... Read more

One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest (1975)

Director: Milos Forman
Starring: Brad Dourif, Christopher Lloyd, Danny DeVito, Jack Nicholson, Louise Fletcher, W...

The first movie since Frank Capra's It Happened One Night to sweep the big five Oscars (director, screenplay, actor, actress, film), Cuckoo's Nest rem... Read more

One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest ( Blu-ray ) (1975)

Director: Milos Forman
Starring: Brad Dourif, Christopher Lloyd, Danny DeVito, Jack Nicholson, Louise Fletcher, W...

Jack Nicholson gives a powerful, flamboyant performance in this adaptation of Ken Kesey's novel about a free spirit in a mental ward. Nicholson's rebe... Read more

The Exorcist Collection: The Exorcist: The Version You've Never Seen / Exorcist II: The Heretic / The Exorcist III (1973)

Director: John Boorman, William Friedkin, William Peter Blatty
Starring: Linda Blair, Ellen Burstyn, Richard Burton, Lee J Cobb, Jason Miller, Max von Sy...

Contains the original trilogy, 'The Exorcist - The Version You've Never Seen' (1973) - the one that started it all, based on William Peter Blatty's bo... Read more