The Crash Reel (2013)

Director: Lucy Walker
Starring: Shaun White, Kevin Pearce

This eye-popping documentary seamlessly combines twenty years of stunning action footage with new specially-shot verité footage and interviews as it f... Read more

Waste Land (2010)

Director: Lucy Walker

This uplifting documentary follows the lives of "catadores," or pickers who live in poverty and scavenge through the world's largest garbage dump, out... Read more

Devil's Playground (2001)

Director: Lucy Walker

Rumspringa, literally, 'running around.' Given the choice, how many young people would endure eighteenth century religious strictures when they could... Read more

Blindsight (2006)

Director: Lucy Walker
Starring: Sabriye Tenberken, Erik Weihenmayer

Set against the breathtaking backdrop of the Himalayas, this inspiring documentary follows the gripping adventure of six Tibetan teenagers who set out... Read more

Buena Vista Social Club: Adios (2017)

Director: Lucy Walker
Starring: Ibrahim Ferrer, Eliades Ochoa

Members of Buena Vista Social Club discuss their musical careers and the extraordinary circumstances that brought them together. Read more

Countdown to Zero (2010)

Director: Lucy Walker
Starring: Tony Blair

With nine nations currently in possession of nuclear weapons--and many more working to acquire them--nuclear disaster remains one of the greatest thre... Read more

Tales of Halloween (2015)

Director: David Parker, Neil Marshall, Lucky McKee, Darren Lynn Bousman, Paul Solet, Adam Gierasch, Axelle Carolyn, Ryan Schifrin, Mike Mendez, John Skipp, Andrew Kasch
Starring: Barry Bostwick, Lin Shaye, Pat Healy, Joe Dante

Named the best horror anthology since Trick 'r Treat by Fangoria and among the best Halloween-themed horror movies ever made by DailyDead, this cr... Read more