Survivors: Series 2 (1976)

Director: Pennant Roberts
Starring: Ian McCulloch, Dennis Lill, Lucy Fleming

In the first series, the starkness of life post-plague is portrayed with the immediate realities of surviving, finding food and shelter, avoiding viol... Read more

Survivors: Series 3 (1977)

Starring: Ian McCulloch, Lucy Fleming, Anna Pitt, Dennis Lill

In the third and final season Charles, Jenny and Hubert set out on horseback to find Greg after having heard nothing from since he left for Norway. I... Read more

Survivors: Series 1 (1975)

Director: Pennant Roberts, Gerald Blake, Terence Williams
Starring: Ian McCulloch, Carolyn Seymour, Lucy Fleming, Tanya Ronder

Concieved by Terry Nation (the creator of the 'Daleks' and 'Blake's 7'), 'Survivors' is a groundbreaking and startlingly realistic television drama se... Read more

Primeval: Series 3 (2009)

Director: Various
Starring: Jason Flemyng, Juliet Aubrey, Lucy Brown, Ben Miller, Hannah Spearritt, Laila Ro...

The 'Primeval' team are back and Nick Cutter is fighting to re-focus his embattled team who are still reeling from Stephen's death and the scale of He... Read more

The Red Violin (1999)

Director: Francois Girard
Starring: Jean Luc Bideau, Samuel L Jackson, Jason Flemyng, Greta Scacchi, Carlo Cecchi

This acclaimed film traces the history of a violin, from its crafting in the 17th century to the fates of it's various owners through the years. Among... Read more