Predator (1987)

Director: John McTiernan
Starring: Arnold Schwarzenegger, Carl Weathers, Bill Duke

An alien life form lands in the jungles of South America and Arnold Schwarzenegger, with his combat team, soon find themselves becoming the prey of th... Read more

Black Sails: Season 3 (2016)

Starring: Toby Stephens, Zach McGowan, Luke Arnold, Jessica Parker Kennedy, Hannah New

In the wake of Charles Town, the world lives in fear of Captain Flint. But when his campaign of terror crosses over into madness, it falls to John Sil... Read more

Black Sails: Season 4 (2017)

Starring: Toby Stephens, Clara Paget, Luke Roberts, Tom Hopper, Hannah New, Toby Schmitz,...

The Final Season. Hundreds of British soldiers lie dead in a forest... the Royal Navy sails back to England... the West Indies are now a war zone, and... Read more

Black Sails: Season 2 (2015)

Starring: Toby Stephens, Hannah New, Luke Arnold, Jessica Parker Kennedy, Tom Hopper, Zach...

The Walrus crew is stranded, with an army of Spanish soldiers standing between them and the precious Urca gold. And with their crimes against their br... Read more

Commando ( Blu-ray ) (1985)

Director: Mark L Lester
Starring: Alyssa Milano, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Bill Duke, Dan Hedaya, David Patrick Kelly...

John Matrix (Arnold Schwarzenegger) is a former Special Forces colonel who attempts to rescue his kidnapped daughter (Alyssa Milano) from South Americ... Read more