Starlight Hotel (1989)

Director: Sam Pillsbury
Starring: Greer Robson, Marshall Napier, Peter Phelps

A superbly cinematographed and set in rural Otago during the 1930's. It centers on a young and determined Kate (Robson) who runs away from her aunt an... Read more

Pallet on the Floor (1986)

Director: Lynton Butter
Starring: Bruce Spence, Peter McCauley, Marshall Napier

A black comedy about Bail Beaumont-Foster, a fallen aristocrat and his life long mate, Sam Jamieson and the riotous events that follow, when the pair... Read more

Bellbird (2019)

Director: Hamish Bennett
Starring: Marshall Napier, Annie Whittle, Cohen Holloway

A rural community rallies around a recently widowed farmer to help him cope with his grief. The farmer's son struggles to find his own way. Read more

The Big Steal (1990)

Director: Nadia Tass
Starring: Claudia Karvan, Ben Mendelsohn, Marshall Napier, Steve Bisley

A charming tale about Danny Clark (Ben Mendelsohn) who wants just two things in life, one is a Jaguar and the other is Joanna Johnson (Cladia Karvan).... Read more

I'm Not Harry Jenson (2009)

Director: James Napier Robertson
Starring: Ian Mune, Marshall Napier, Gareth Reeves, Ilona Rodgers

A stylish Kiwi noir about the perils of writer's block in the lonely New Zealand landscape. Gareth Reeves plays the world-famous crime author who retu... Read more

A Few Best Men (2011)

Director: Stephan Elliott
Starring: Olivia Newton-John, Kris Marshall, Kevin Bishop, Xavier Samuel, Laura Brent

When David (Xavier Samuel) travels to Australia to marry the love of his life, his three best men give a whole new meaning to the phrase 'for better o... Read more

Bad Blood (1981)

Director: Mike Newell
Starring: Carol Burns, Dennis Lill, Jack Thompson, Donna Akersten, Martyn Sanderson, Marsh...

Jack Thompson gives a heartfelt and extraordinarily compelling performance as Stan Graham, a tragic and notorious West Coast figure who was pushed ove... Read more

Vigil / The Navigator: A Medieval Odyssey / A State of Siege (1984)

Director: Vincent Ward
Starring: Bruce Lyons, Hamish McFarlane, Penelope Stewart, Frank Whitten, Bill Kerr, Fiona...

A Vincent Ward double feature. 'Vigil' (1984, 86 mins) Director Vincent Ward supplies a striking visual atmosphere in this rural melodrama about life... Read more