Apparitions: Series 1 (2008)

Director: John Strickland, Joe Ahearne
Starring: Martin Shaw

Take a terrifying journey into a world of passion and satanic conspiracy with Father Jacob (Martin Shaw) - a Roman Catholic priest who is working to p... Read more

The Last Place On Earth (1985)

Starring: Martin Shaw, Stephen Moore

Scott vs. Amundsen. It wasn't meant to be a race, but race it becomes, as the world awaits news of the first to reach the Pole. What follows is a tale... Read more

The Professionals: Series 4 (1981)

Starring: Martin Shaw, Lewis Collins, Gordon Jackson

Bodie, Doyle and Cowley are back with all 15 nail-biting episodes from the fourth series. They take on a gang stealing industrial secrets, double agen... Read more

The Professionals: Series 2 (1979)

Starring: Martin Shaw, Lewis Collins, Gordon Jackson

Bodie and Doyle return for more espionage-busting, hand-brake turns in the Capri and innunedo-laden repartee. Under the eagle-eye of George Cowley ou... Read more

The Golden Voyage of Sinbad (Blu-Ray) (1973)

Director: Gordon Hessler
Starring: Caroline Munro, John Phillip Law, Martin Shaw, Robert Shaw, Tom Baker, Douglas W...

Sinbad's adventure pits him against a master magician who's trying to reach the Fountain of Destiny on the lost land of Lemuria in a bid to be crowned... Read more

Macbeth (Polanski) (1971)

Director: Roman Polanski
Starring: Jon Finch, Francesca Annis, Martin Shaw

Aka "The Tragedy of Macbeth". Roman Polanski's violent retelling of Shakespeare's story of the Scottish war hero, prompted by supernatural prophecy an... Read more

The Professionals: Series 3 (1980)

Starring: Martin Shaw, Lewis Collins, Gordon Jackson

By the third series, the cast chemistry is at its peak and our macho crimebusters are throwing out snappy banter and one-liners left and right. This... Read more

The Professionals: Series 1 (1978)

Director: Various
Starring: Gordon Jackson, Martin Shaw, Lewis Collins

Created by Brian Clemens and leaping onto screens in 1978, the crack CI5 team of Bodie and Doyle are ready to thwart terrorists and stamp out violent... Read more

Tosca (1985)

Director: John Copley
Starring: Eva Marton, John Shaw, Lamberto Furlan

This acclaimed Australian Opera rendition of the stirring Puccini drama, was conducted by Alberto Erede and recorded live at the Sydney Opera House in... Read more

Puncture (2011)

Director: Adam Kassen, Mark Kassen
Starring: Michael Biehn, Vinessa Shaw, Chris Evans, Jesse L Martin

Crusading attorney Mike Weiss (Chris Evans) takes on "big pharma" on behalf of a young woman accidentally infected with the HIV virus. While battling... Read more