Cold Blood: The Complete Series (2005)

Director: Stuart Orme
Starring: John Hannah, Kerry Fox, David Calder, Elizabeth Bennett, Jane Lowe, Ann Beach, J...

Brian Wicklow (Matthew Kelly) is a serial killer who was jailed after a macabre murdering spree, which rendered him one of Britain's most infamous cri... Read more

Very Annie-Mary (2001)

Director: Sara Sugarman
Starring: Rachel Griffiths, Jonathan Pryce, Ioan Gruffudd, Matthew Rhys, Kenneth Griffith,...

In the type of film that the British have made their own, "Very Annie Mary" brings shades of "Billy Elliot" and "Little Voice" to the uplifting and of... Read more

Battlestar Galactica: The Plan (2009)

Director: Edward James Olmos
Starring: Edward James Olmos, Michael Trucco, Dean Stockwell, Grace Park, Michael Hogan, A...

Telling the story from the Cylon's point of view, this straight-to-DVD release directed by Edward James Olmos is set concurrently with the original st... Read more

The Front Page (1974)

Director: Billy Wilder
Starring: Jack Lemmon, Walter Matthau, Susan Sarandon, Vincent Gardenia, David Wayne, Alle...

BIlly Wilder's sharp remake of the classic 'His Girl Friday' (in turn a remake of a 1931 film, based on a play from 1928!) stars Jack Lemmon as ace re... Read more